25 Nov 2019

NIB finances water infrastructure capacity increase in Sweden

NIB and the City of Varberg have signed a credit facility agreement for the construction of infrastructure for water, wastewater and waste.

The uncommitted credit facility of SEK 600 million (EUR 62 million) will co-finance Varberg’s investment programme for 2018–2022 concerning the construction of infrastructure for water and wastewater as part of urban development.

The project will be partially financed with NIB Environmental Bonds.

Projects to be financed include a water tower in Varberg, water supply pipelines and a drinking water plant in Kungsäter. Investments in water and waste management systems will secure the supply and sufficient capacity of the municipality’s infrastructure services.

A new wastewater pipeline connecting the eastern parts of the municipality is currently under construction. This will make it possible to close an outdated plant in Tvååker. Refurbishing and expanding the sewer network, as well as the upgrading measures at the Getterö wastewater treatment plant, will ensure that the quality of discharged wastewater will remain at acceptable levels.

A new waste sorting and recycling station will add capacity for sorting different waste fractions in order to meet the demands of the growing population. The aim is also to enable reuse of products by combining waste sorting with the possibility to donate discarded items to charity organisations. Waste sorting and recycling stations are essential for a society to be sustainable.

A first loan of SEK 350 million has been disbursed under the facility.

Varberg is located in the county of Halland on the west coast of Sweden and has a population of about 65,000.

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