Image: Municipality of Norrtälje

Image: Municipality of Norrtälje

9 Oct 2018

NIB finances municipal infrastructure investments in Norrtälje, Sweden

NIB and the municipality of Norrtälje have signed a 25-year loan facility of SEK 400 million (EUR 38.28 million) to finance investments in water supply, wastewater treatment, new school buildings and a new fire station.

The population of the municipality of Norrtälje, located north-east of Stockholm, is expected to exceed 76,000 by 2026. The municipality is therefore investing in the expansion of its infrastructure to accommodate several thousand new households in the coming years.

The loan from NIB will finance new educational facilities, including an elementary school building that is currently being constructed in the locality of Rimbo, since a large number of new pre-school and elementary school places will be required in the near future. The new facilities will enable a technically more advanced physical learning environment to better comply with the new national core curriculum.

Under the loan facility, the construction of a new fire station replacing an existing facility will also be financed.

Further, the municipality is investing in securing its drinking water supply, and is modernising and expanding a number of local wastewater treatment plants, including the facilities in Lindholmen and in Rimbo. New water and sewage pipes will be laid to connect new households to the networks.

“To support the productivity of its member countries, NIB finances projects that lead to improvements in infrastructure and support human capital development. Norrtälje’s investments in water supply and new schools will allow the municipality to keep up with population growth. In addition, the upgrade of the wastewater treatment plants will keep the quality of discharged water at acceptable levels”, says Henrik Normann, NIB President & CEO.

“We are proud to announce the cooperation with NIB as a long-term financier for our sustainable investments in the municipality. This reflects our commitment to climate-smart solutions for the future”, says Jonas Andréasson, CFO at the municipality of Norrtälje.

Norrtälje currently has a population of approximately 61,000, and is characterised by its archipelago environment.

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