1 Nov 2017

NIB co-hosts Nordic Finance Day COP23 on 14 November

NIB is co-hosting the Nordic Finance Day on 14 November at the UN Climate Summit COP23 in Bonn, Germany. The programme is being held at the Nordic Pavilion and arranged in cooperation with the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) and the Nordic Development Fund (NDF).

The day is starting off at 9:00 with a morning briefing with Satu Hassi, a member of the Finnish parliament and chairwoman of the parliamentary environment committee, to discuss how politicians perceive the significance of sustainable financing.

Morning briefing

The central event of the day at 13:00 is the panel discussion “Financing the green transition: What’s the colour of money?” The panel will host four participants: Esko Kivisaari, Deputy Managing Director of the Federation of Finnish Financial Services; Doris Kramer, Vice-President of Investment Strategies and Sustainability at KfW and member of the Executive Committee of the Green Bond Principles; Kristina Alnes, Senior Advisor, CICERO; and Thomas Wrangdahl, First Vice-President and Head of Lending at NIB.

Main event

Both the morning briefing and the panel discussion will be moderated by Jukka Ahonen, NIB’s Head of Communications.

At 16:45, an afternoon briefing with Outi Honkatukia, Finland's Chief Negotiator, will give an account of the ongoing negotiations at COP23.

Starting from 17:30 until 19:00, NIB and its sister organisations, NEFCO and NDF, will arrange a networking event under the title "Nordic Green Finance Solutions". The event will be hosted by Pasi Hellman, Managing Director of NDF; Magnus Rystedt, Managing Director of NEFCO; and Thomas Wrangdahl, First Vice-President of NIB.

Networking event

Under the heading Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges, the Nordic Pavilion set up by the Nordic Council of Ministers, will be open for visitors for the entire length of the Summit on 6–17 November. See the whole event programme offered by the Nordic Pavilion at norden.org/cop23.

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