Photo: Foto Lindell/ Porvoon Energia

Photo: Foto Lindell/ Porvoon Energia

26 Apr 2013

Porvoo spearheads renewable heat production

After two years of construction, Porvoon Energia Oy’s new combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Tolkkinen in south-eastern Finland, has been inaugurated. The NIB-financed bio-fuel power plant produces 90% of Porvoon Energia’s district heating and one-fifth of its electricity.

Porvoon Energia’s new power plant was inaugurated in April 2013. After a testing period of a few months, commercial production began in March. Taking the new plant into use is an important step in the company’s efforts to decrease CO2 emissions in its district heating and electricity production.

“We have been able to reach our goal of raising the proportion of renewable fuels from 70% to 90% in our district heating production. The plant itself is entirely powered by wood chips from local suppliers,” says Patrick Wackström, CEO of Porvoon Energia.

Porvoon Energia has previous experience of using wood chips as a source of energy. In 2002 they converted the old plant built in 1979, situated next to the newly built one, into a wood residue- powered plant.

“The good experiences we gained from the old plant conversion made us confident about investing in a new one. In addition, we had experienced operators ready to work with the new plant,” Wackström continues.

According to Wackström, the fact that the company has its own terminal for storing wood chips makes it attractive for fuel suppliers, as it increases the predictability of fuel demand. Moreover, using local suppliers enables the company to know the precise origin of the raw material.

“I do not foresee any difficulty in obtaining wood chips. Currently, we do not come even close to utilising the amount available. If there were to be scarcity, I am confident we would be the last ones to be left without chips due to our storage facility,” states Wackström.

The company has plans to cut its CO2 emissions even further. The aim is to rely entirely on renewable energy in district heating production. Porvoon Energia is researching the possibilities of including solar energy in the production process.



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