Industries & Services

In the Industries & Services business area, we provide tailored loans with long maturities to large and medium-sized corporates, typically for research and development costs (up to four years), green buildings or investments in new production capacity, or, for instance, new logistics centres or storage facilities.

Industries & Services

We attach great importance to understanding our clients’ businesses and current situation to tailor our loan offers so that they match the clients’ need and wishes. We offer our clients a wide range of options in terms of loan structures, tenors, currencies, availability periods, etc.

Our transaction teams consist of financial experts with many years of experience in loan structuring and corporate credit analysis. NIB’s in-house senior environmental analysts, who evaluate all projects from a sustainability perspective, can provide guidance to our clients in environmental matters. We are happy to discuss your financing needs and give you a quick feedback.

Financing needs eligible for NIB loans in the Industries & Services business area would, for example, include:

  • research and development programmes
  • investments in new production and logistics capacity
  • international expansion
  • green buildings
  • acquisitions


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