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Denmark. Ringkjøbing Landbobank A/S

Date of agreement: 3 Jul 2020
Country: Denmark
Customer: Ringkjøbing Landbobank A/S
Amount in DKK: DKK 447 million
Amount in EUR: EUR 60 million
Maturity: 10 years
NACE sector / loan type: Loan programme


NIB has provided a loan to Ringkjøbing Landbobank (RLB) for onlending to environmental projects and small and medium-sized enterprises. A substantial part of the proposed loan is expected to be allocated to renewable energy projects.

RLB is a Danish regional and niche bank, established in 1886, with operations in central, westerns and northern Jutland, Denmark. NIB and RLB have been cooperating in financing of SMEs and environmental projects since 1999. 

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate

The loan facility is expected to alleviate credit constraints for small and medium-sized companies and to support small-scale environmental projects. RLB estimates that up to 75 percent of the provided loan programme could be backed by renewable energy.

Sustainability summary

Projects that are financed through a financial intermediary are required to fulfil the requirements defined in NIB’s Sustainability Policy and Guidelines.

Press release

NIB finansierer miljøprojekter og SMV'er i Danmark