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Sweden. Svensk Luftambulans (SLA)

Date of agreement: 17 Apr 2018
Country: Sweden
Customer: Svensk Luftambulans (SLA)
Amount in SEK: SEK 180 million
Amount in EUR: EUR 17.2 million
Maturity: 20 years
NACE sector / loan type: Air transport
Business area: Infrastructure, transportation and telecom


The loan will finance the merger of four local airborne ambulance services in Sweden under the umbrella of the Svensk Luftambulans (SLA) federation.

The current members of SLA are the county councils of Värmland, Dalarna, Västra Götaland and Uppsala, who decided to join forces to provide common ambulance helicopter services.

The project comprises the acquisition of the airborne ambulance services of Värmland (one helicopter), the acquisition of operations in Dalarna (one helicopter), and the acquisition of two new helicopters to replace older aircraft.

Svensk Luftambulans (SLA) is an emergency medical helicopter federation that operates air ambulance services in four Swedish counties. At year-end 2017, SLA employed around 60 people.

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate


The aim of the merger is to improve pre-hospital care, increase capacity and maintain cost-effective operations. Pooling the resources of four counties is expected to support better logistics and improve the coordination of services in a broader, regional network. The project is also expected to increase flexibility by centralising medical equipment, procurement, installation and maintenance.


The project is not expected to have any significant environmental impact.

Sustainability summary

Noise requirements for helicopters are regulated by the UN specialised agency the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). These requirements form part of SLA’s tender process for the acquisition of new helicopters.

Press release

NIB finansierar nätverk av ambulanshelikoptrar i Sverige