All agreed loans

Denmark. William Demant A/S

Date of agreement: 14 Dec 2017
Country: Denmark
Customer: William Demant A/S
Amount in DKK: DKK 400 million
Amount in EUR: EUR 53.74 million
Maturity: 7 years
NACE sector / loan type: Research and development


The loan has been provided to finance William Demant’s R&D investments in 2017.

The company’s ongoing R&D focuses on developing new innovations in hearing healthcare. William Demant is also working in close cooperation with several universities and research centres, as well as the corporate sector, to advance its technology and products.

This is the second loan agreement between NIB and William Demant; the first was signed in 2015.

William Demant Holding A/S is a global leader in hearing healthcare solutions, headquartered in Denmark. The company’s product range includes hearing devices, diagnostic instruments, hearing implants and devices for personal communication.

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate

William Demant has a share of approximately 23% of the global hearing devices market, and is an R&D-intensive company. Global demand for hearing devices is increasing due to demographic developments and better diagnostics. Recent technological and digital developments, including wireless technology and the Internet of Things, are offering new opportunities for manufacturers of hearing aids, hearing implants and diagnostic instruments that result in increased benefits for the end users. The research is mainly carried out in Denmark, as well as in Poland, Switzerland and France.

Sustainability summary

No significant environmental issues have been identified.