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Estonia. Tallinna Lennujaam AS

Date of agreement: 31 Jan 2007
Country: Estonia
Customer: Tallinna Lennujaam AS
Amount in EUR: EUR 22.4 million
Maturity: 11 years
NACE sector / loan type: Construction


An 11-year-maturity loan has been provided to Tallinna Lennujaam, Tallinn Airport, in cooperation with SEB Eesti Ühispank. NIB's part of the loan totals EUR 22 million. The scope of the financed projects includes the rehabilitation of the airport's airside area and the upgrading of its passenger terminal. The airside area will be upgraded in compliance with ICAO and EU requirements.

The construction works will include the extension and renewal of the apron, extension of the taxiway, construction of a new fire exercise area, installation of temperature sensors at the runway, a dewatering system, a water pre-treatment plant and a monitoring station.

The upgraded and extended passenger terminal will have the capacity for 2.3 million passengers and meet modern safety and security requirements. Tallinn Airport, a state-owned limited company, is the only international airport in Estonia.

Sustainability summary

The upgrading of the Tallinn Airport passenger terminal and the rehabilitation of the airport's airside area will have a positive environmental impact regarding discharge to water and a moderate negative environmental impact regarding emissions to air.

The main positive environmental impact will result from the improvement of the storm and drainage water system. New retention basins, as well as oil and fuel separators, will decrease the discharge from the airport. Glycol residues will be treated in the municipal wastewater treatment plant. The improvements are expected to cut the discharge of nitrogen and chemical oxygen demand.