Wastewater treatment

“Sweden is growing and so is the need for wastewater treatment"

NIB’s pipeline of wastewater-related projects is constantly expanding, along with the demand for improvements in growing communities. Last year, a total of EUR 683 million, 15% of all loans agreed during the year, was provided to enhance wastewater treatment. The total increase of the wastewater treatment capacity financed with NIB loans in 2016 will allow up to 1.4 million new inhabitants to be accommodated.

Most of these projects were located in Sweden. The need for wastewater treatment reflects the growth of the country’s population, explains Pontus Cronholm from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in an interview with NIB Newsletter.

  Niklas Zennström  

Niklas Zennström: Entrepreneurship to save the Baltic Sea

“I think about sustainability like an entrepreneur, looking for innovative solutions”, says Niklas Zennström, once the name behind the mighty Skype, now a venture capitalist and philathropist.

To support innovation in improving the state of the Baltic Sea, in 2013, Mr Zennström established an organisation to connect business, science, government and civil society in joint action for a clean Baltic Sea.

  Wastewater treatment  

Expert: Wastewater treatment gearing up for a new investment wave

Increasingly tougher environmental regulations and new technologies for pollutant removal are making Swedish municipalities keep investing in their wastewater facilities.

“Investments come in waves. A new one to come in the next five or ten years will tag along a much greater demand for innovation and financing”, says Anders Finnson, ‎Environmental Advisor at the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association.



  Vasakronan NEB certificate  

NIB provides green funding to Vasakronan

On Friday 5 May, NIB’s Head of Lending Thomas Wrangdahl handed over a NIB Environmental Bond certificate to the Swedish the carbon neutral property company Vasakronan. ““The financing from NIB is very competitive, and since the Bank analyses the projects it funds very thoroughly, the loan has become a quality stamp for Vasakronan’s brand,” says Fredrik Wirdenius, CEO of  Vasakronan AB.

  China Loan Programme signed  

NIB and China’s Ministry of Finance start loan facility

Yoabin Shi, Vice-Minister of Finance of the People's Republic of China, and NIB President Henrik Normann have signed an agreement to launch a new loan programme to finance projects in selected sectors of the Chinese economy. At least 75% of the funds will be allocated to projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions or promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency or decarbonised public transport systems.



Maria Huge Brodin


Nordics seek greener road freight

“While there is a trend towards electrifying passenger transport, road freight is lacking these solutions, which makes road freight a key target for emission reduction”, says Dr Maria Huge Brodin, Professor of Environmental Logistics Management at Linköping University. The Nordic countries are to align rules for the transport sector in order to speed up “greening” the road freight.



Kemijoki hydropower revamped for climate action

To become carbon-neutral by 2050, Finland is building a sustainable energy mix. “Climate action is to a large extent focused on electricity production, as it’s where the bulk of decarbonisation happens. Finland’s energy policy aims for the advancement of biomass, wind and solar energy, but hydropower will be just as consequential”, says Jani Ollila, CFO of Kemijoki Oy.

Mobilising climate finance


Nordic countries lead in mobilising climate finance

“The Nordic countries have an excellent opportunity to maintain and develop their leading position in mobilising climate finance,” says Peer Stiansen, Chairman of the Nordic Working Group for Global Climate Negotiations. The group's new report identifies gaps in environmental financing where the Nordics can make a difference.



Kauri market


NIB into Kauri: Issuing bonds and planting trees

When New Zealand’s Kauri bond market first emerged in 2007, lead manager Bank of New Zealand committed to planting 100 kauri trees for every transaction they arranged. Thanks to its issuance of Kauri bonds with BNZ, the Nordic Investment Bank is now fostering 600 trees in the Coromandel Peninsula east of Auckland.

Funding Highlights


Funding highlights

Monthly updated coverage of NIB's funding operations: funding targets, reports on transactions and graphs.

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Funding transactions


Agreed Loans

5 May 2017 People's Republic of China EUR 150 million China
5 May 2017 Vasakronan AB EUR 248 million Sweden
3 May 2017 Municipality of Gävle EUR 13 million Sweden
28 Apr 2017 Klaipedos Nafta AB EUR 20 million Lithuania
24 Apr 2017 Municipality of Varberg EUR 10 million Sweden 
3 Apr 2017 Akademiska Hus AB EUR 105 million Sweden
27 Mar 2017 Elekta AB EUR 104 million Sweden
15 Mar 2017 Jyväskylän Seudun Puhdistamo Oy EUR 15 million Finland

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