Henrik Sass Larsen

Henrik Sass Larsen: Economic recovery an opportunity for NIB to expand and reach out to SMEs

NIB should see the recovery of the European economy as an opportunity to expand its business, says Henrik Sass Larsen, Minister for Business and Growth of Denmark and Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors in 2013–2014, in an interview with the NIB Newsletter. He encourages the Bank increase cooperation with regular banks, to reach out to the SME market in the Nordic–Baltic countries.



NIB’s Governors approve dividend on 2013 annual results

At its annual meeting, NIB’s Board of Governors approved the Bank’s annual accounts for 2013 and the payment of EUR 55 million as dividends to the member countries.

State of the Region Report


Report: Top of Europe adapting to “new normal”

The Baltic Sea Region is entering a potentially “new normal” of lower growth, suggests this year’s State of the Region Report presented by Dr Christian Ketels at the Baltic Development Forum Summit in Turku. How to deal with a changing global economic environment in this and other dimensions will be a key task for the region in the coming years.



Financial report


Financial figures for January-April 2014 published

NIB is publishing the January–April 2014 (unaudited) results are available on the Bank's website. NIB’s profit amounted to EUR 79 million, up by EUR 8 million on the same period a year ago. 

Download Financial results in PDF (184 kB)

Anders Sundvik Camfil


Camfil: Clean air should be a human right

“Our business is all about energy efficiency, safety and health”, says Anders Sundvik, VP for Research and Development at Camfil AB, which has an ambitious plan to expand by at least 50% over the next five years and save terawatt-hours of energy for its customers.

Lahti Travel Centre


Lahti is building an easy travel centre

A new transport hub will help intermodal passengers to make smooth transfers between trains and buses. This move will help Lahti shift more regional passenger traffic from cars to public transport and even become more competitive as a new home town for families.



Funding highlights


Funding highlights

Monthly updated coverage of NIB's funding operations: funding targets, reports on transactions and graphs.

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Funding transactions



Antti Savilaakso


Banking expert: Opportunities abound for the responsible investor

Having a focus on the UN-backed responsible investment principles can offer opportunities for all financial institutions with an interest in creating a more sustainable future, says Chairman Antti Savilaakso of Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum.

Petri Parvinen


Professor of Sales Management: Outsource? Think nearshoring!

“There is great potential in nearshoring for companies in the Nordic–Baltic countries to maintain their competitiveness”, says Petri Parvinen, Professor at Aalto University School of Economics.


Agreed Loans

27 May 2014 AS Tallinna Vesi EUR 20 million Estonia


Annual Review 2013


Annual Review 2013

Highlights and figures of NIB's operations last year in Annual Review 2013 available for download.


Download in PDF (1.6mb)


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