Arctic Norway

Arctic Norway a market of opportunities

“The need for financing is increasing, and northern Norway is currently a market of opportunities”, says Stig-Are Eriksen, Director of Region North at SG Finans at a loan signing ceremony with NIB in Tromsø late November. SG Finans intends to allocate up to EUR 25 million of the EUR 150 million loan, for onlending to SMEs operating north of the Arctic circle. "I look positively on the fact that we are making use of NIB's mandate to fund equipment to the SME market in the Arctic. This idea seems like a brilliant match to me,” says Mr Eriksen.



Ollipekka Heikkilä


Artic: tram to fit the city

The Artic, an elegant and energy-efficient, low-floor, three-section tram, is slowly but steadily conquering Helsinki’s light rail lines. The city’s public transport company HKL is currently purchasing forty Artic trams to replace the generation of the current fleet built in the 1970s and 80s.



AstaZero: Self-driving cars coming soon

If you think self-driving vehicles is a Knight Rider fantasy, here is an update for you. The advanced safety systems being tested at the AstaZero proving ground may bring intelligent cars to the streets a lot sooner than expected.





NIB funding: 2016 breaks records

The year 2016 has proven to be a record-breaking one for NIB. The total amount of funding raised by NIB is reaching EUR 6.5 billion, which is the largest volume ever. Higher than expected loan disbursements and changes to the Bank’s derivative contracts have led to the increase the Bank’s funding needs for 2016.

NEB Investors


NIB extends its cooperation with green bond arrangers

NIB is extending its cooperation with arrangers for green bonds to include Crédit Agricole CIB, Danske Bank, HSBC and Swedbank. The cooperation, which now comprises a total of seven banks whose environmental processes align, is helping NIB to develop and support green financing.



Funding highlights

Monthly updated coverage of NIB's funding operations: funding targets, reports on transactions and graphs.

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Funding transactions



Peter Vesterbacka


The Helsinki–Tallinn tunnel: a Silk Road in the slush

A tunnel across the Gulf of Finland? It may sound futuristic—and it very well may be so. Yet, the steadily increasing numbers of passengers and freight moving between Helsinki and Tallinn can help shake off a great deal of scepticism. Even more so, if you let Peter Vesterbacka, investor and champion of the idea, talk to you for just a few minutes.

Nordic energy export


Expert: Nordic energy market experience can be replicated

“The well-developed energy markets in the Nordic countries, accommodating huge volumes of renewables could, in part, be replicated in other parts of the world”, says Svend Søyland, Senior Adviser at Nordic Energy Research. He is managing a project to find out exactly how to.

Mikko Halonen


COP22: Nordic experience useful in mobilising climate finance

“As long as the financing sector is not capable of transforming the climate risk into a financial risk, things will not happen”, says Mikko Halonen from Gaia Consulting in the Nordic pavilion on the side-lines of the 22nd UN Climate Summit (COP22) in Marrakech, Morocco.



NIB 40

NIB anniversary seminar hosts debate on public financing

In early November, NIB hosted a seminar to celebrate the Bank’s 40th anniversary. The seminar gathered about 140 participants to debate on future avenues of public financing in the region. The event featured an opening address by Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, presentation by NIB President & CEO Henrik Normann, keynote by Professor Mariana Mazzucato of Sussex University and closing remarks by Latvia's Minister of Finance Dana Reizniece-Ozola. Thomas Bernt Henriksen, Chief Debate Editor at the Danish daily Børsen, moderated the event.

Read more:

Speech of Finland's Prime Minister Juha Sipilä

Speech of Latvia's Minister of Finance Dana Reizniece-Ozola

Visit our Flickr account to download hi-res images from the event

NIB40 Seminar


Watch full video from NIB's anniversary seminar

We have uploaded the full two-hour video recording of the Anniversary Seminar "Financing the Future". This is a good opportunity to watch the speeches and presentations delivered at the event.

NIB40 film


NIB in film: Financing the region since 1976

Watch a film made to mark the Bank's anniversary. It features comments by economist Klas Eklund, Board member in 1976-78 Bengt Dennis, NIB President Henrik Normann, previous presidents Johnny Åkerholm, Jón Sigurdsson and Jannik Lindbæk, Estonian politician Mart Laar, Reykjavik Energy's Hildigunnur Thorsteinsson, and NIB's Board member Julie Sonne.


Agreed Loans

29 Nov 2016 European Spallation Source ERIC  EUR 100 million Sweden 
25 Nov 2016 City of Turku  EUR 50 million Finland 
23 Nov 2016 SG Finans AS EUR 150 million Norway 
21 Nov 2016 Helen Oy EUR 22 million Finland 
21 Nov 2016 Municipality of Kungälv EUR 31 million Sweden 
16 Nov 2016 Aalto University Foundation EUR 60 million Finland
9 Nov 2016 City of Oslo EUR 161 million Norway
8 Nov 2016 Sydvatten AB EUR 21 million Sweden
8 Nov 2016 AstaZero AB EUR 26 million Sweden
18 Oct 2016 Helsinki City Transport HKL EUR 60 million Finland
12 Oct 2016 Länsimetro Oy EUR 150 million Finland
4 Oct 2016 Deutsche Leasing Sverige AB EUR 20 million Sweden

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