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NIB hosts a green bond panel at COP21 

On Monday 7 December, NIB is hosting a panel discussion “The Rise (and Risks) of Green Financing” at the Nordic pavilion on COP21 Climate Conference in Paris. To debate the reasons behind the rapid growth of the green bond market, we have invited experts from finance and business: Christopher Flensborg from SEB, Päivi Salpakivi-Salomaa from UPM, Asbjørn Torvanger from CICERO and NIB's own Lars Eibeholm. Meet us on COP21!

Webcast #NNCS: all events at the Nordic Pavilion in Week 2 of COP21, 7-11 December, are being web streamed. Click here to follow the webcast


Lars Eibeholm


NIB Environmental Bond issuance likely to double in coming years

Since 2011, NIB has issued the equivalent of some EUR 1.4 billion of green bond transactions. We estimate that our green bond issuance can double during the coming years. This is backed up by a good pipeline of eligible and sustainable projects. Read more in a column by Lars Eibeholm, Vice-President and Head of Treasury at NIB.


  NIB at COP21  

Download infographics for NIB's COP21 event

The leaflet promotes facts and figures of NIB's lending in its key business sectors, such as renewable energy, green building, wastewater treatment and other.

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  NCM climate booklet  

Nordic countries present climate action

Ahead of COP21, the Nordic Council of Ministers has published a booklet on the action taken by the Nordics to speed up the transition towards a low-carbon society.

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NIB 40 years


Bengt Dennis

Green light at third attempt: How NIB came to be forty years ago

The Nordic Council had a heated debate about the bank. Iceland there was unanimous support for the bank, in Finland and Sweden broad support, and in Denmark and Norway a not insignificant resistance. Business organisations and related interests were mainly opposed or neutral. As one of the politicians put it at that time, setting up a Nordic investment bank would provide incentives to “think and act in a Nordic way.” Read more in an article by Bengt Dennis, a veteran of Swedish politics and a member of NIB's first Board of Directors in 1976.



SMEs and mid-caps


NIB to advance lending to SMEs and mid-caps

NIB is expanding its core product range to provide more financing opportunities to small and medium-sized enterprises and mid-cap companies in its member countries. This revised strategy will bring in changes in the ways the Bank supports smaller businesses.

RLB facility


NIB and Ringkjøbing Landbobank launch new SME facility in Denmark

A new ten-year facility will be used to finance renewable energy projects and SME investments in machinery and equipment. NIB and Ringkjøbing Lanbobank have been cooperating in financing smaller businesses and environmental projects since 1999.





As funding year rounding off, NIB gearing up for 2016

The year 2015 has turned out to be a good funding year for NIB. The total amount of new funding transactions has reached EUR 4.5 billion by early December and is not expected to change significantly before year-end. For next year, the Bank is hatching a more extensive funding programme.

Green bonds


NIB endorses initiative to harmonise green bond reporting

A working group of eleven international financial institutions has prepared a joint initiative to develop a framework for harmonised impact reporting on green bond-financed projects. The initiative reflects requests by the investor community for more transparency as well as the conclusions of the 2015 Green Bond Principles.



Funding highlights

Monthly updated coverage of NIB's funding operations: funding targets, reports on transactions and graphs.

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Funding transactions



Klas Eklund


Financial markets: From villains to heroes?

How might global warming affect valuations of companies? How should banks assess their corporate clients’ ability to handle environmental stress? All big banks are now building analytical capacity to be able to answer those questions. Read more in Klas Eklund's column.

Esko Lotvonen, Rovaniemi


Rovaniemi: An Arctic insider view

Transport and the development of infrastructure in the Arctic needs better coordination between the neighbours—Finland, Sweden and Norway. “This is not an easy task, but attitudes are changing as the world is benchmarking us”, says Esko Lotvonen, Mayor of Rovaniemi, in an interview with the NIB Newsletter.

Dmitry Frank Kamenetsky


HELCOM: Sewage sludge recycling crucial for Baltic Sea region

Sewage sludge has remarkable potential in many economic areas, but in most cases is still disposed of in landfills. In his column, Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky, HELCOM Professional Secretary, is presenting a new recommendation for better use of wastewater treatment subproducts.


Agreed Loans

4 Dec 2015 Ringkjøbing Landbobank EUR 20 million Denmark
24 Nov 2015 Hafslund ASA EUR 75 million Norway
24 Nov 2015 Helsingin Seudun Ympäristöpalvelut EUR 115 million Finland
19 Nov 2015 Lantmännen ekonomisk förening EUR 75 million Sweden
18 Nov 2015 BillerudKorsnäs Aktiebolag EUR 31 million Sweden
17 Nov 2015 Westra Wermlands Sparbank EUR 31 million Sweden
13 Nov 2015 Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkö Oy EUR 29 million Finland
30 Oct 2015 E134 Buskerud AS EUR 115 million Norway
28 Oct 2015 Oma Säästöpankki Oyj EUR 20 million Finland
22 Oct 2015 Byggðastofnun EUR 12 million Iceland
21 Oct 2015 Fiskars Corporation EUR 50 million Finland
15 Oct 2015 Elkem AS EUR 41 million Norway


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