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News and publications

NIB and Nooa Säästöpankki sign loan facility for SMEs and environmental projects in Finland

14 Dec 2017 SME

A loan programme with Finnish Nooa Säästöpankki Oy will finance investments by SMEs and small-scale environmental projects.

NIB finances transport infrastructure in Täby, Sweden

12 Dec 2017 Roslagsbanan

A loan to the municipality of Täby will finance the construction of a new town hall building and a number of public infrastructure projects.

Category A project for disclosure

1 Dec 2017 Category A

In accordance with its Sustainability Policy and Guidelines, NIB publishes information on the construction of a new hydropower plant in Finland. The information is available for 30 days starting from 1 December 2017.

NIB lends for municipal investments in Tartu, Estonia

30 Nov 2017

A loan to the City of Tartu will finance municipal investments in road infrastructure and education institutions.

NIB and Volvofinans Bank sign new loan programme for SMEs in Sweden

27 Nov 2017 Commercial vehicles for SMEs

A loan facility with Volvofinans Bank AB will finance the acquisition of commercial vehicles for SMEs and small mid-caps in Sweden.

NIB lends to transmission lines in Iceland

23 Nov 2017 Substation Krafla Photo: Tiina Salonen

A ten-year loans to Icelandic Landsnet is earmarked for expanding and strengthening the electricity network in Iceland.

NIB and Sparebanken Øst to finance low-emission projects in Norway

22 Nov 2017

A new loan programme will finance projects aimed at curbing CO2 emissions as well as SME investments in south-eastern Norway.

NIB story in one minute

20 Nov 2017

Click to watch an animation of the "NIB story", a brief narrated presentation of the Bank's activities and how they contribute to fulfilling its mission.

NIB-financed Helsinki–Espoo metro line launched in Finland

18 Nov 2017

On 18 November, the Helsinki city transport operator HKL launched a 14-kilomtre extension of Helsinki metro line into the city of Espoo.

NIB funds advanced metering and power grid upgrades in Norway

16 Nov 2017 Electricity grid upgrades

A loan to the Norwegian regional utility Glitre Energi AS will finance the roll-out of an advanced smart metering system and regional and distribution power grid upgrades.