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NIB Newsletter

NIB's newsletter gives you an opportunity to regularly follow both NIB's financing and its borrowing activities. The newsletter is published in English. It is distributed by e-mail and contains links to news and feature stories on NIB's website. 




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  • AR2016


NIB opens water infrastructure credit line with the Municipality of Kristianstad, Sweden

A loan programme to the Municipality of Kristianstad for financing wastewater and water investments.

21 Sep 2017

NIB finances new school and sport facilities in Knivsta, Sweden

A loan to the municipality of Knivsta will finance the construction of school buildings and sport centres for a growing number of students.

19 Sep 2017

NIB and Ringkjøbing Landbobank continue to finance Danish SMEs

A new ten-year facility will be used to finance renewable energy projects and SME investments in machinery and equipment and other investments in various industries.

15 Sep 2017