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Interviews and opinions

Interviews and opinions

Northern Dimension partnership: from concept to reality

With its new director, the new Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics moves from vision to practice. Interview with Oddgeir Danielsen.

Sep 2011

Johnny Åkerholm: the Nordic model combined with Baltic dynamism: a recipe for economic success

Most of the factors that supported the growth in the past 20 years will not play the same role in the next 20 years. Johnny Åkerholm on the challenges the Nordic Baltic region is facing.

Aug 2011

NB8: on benefits and challenges of the Nordic Baltic regional integration

What are the benefits of integration between the Nordic and Baltic countries and what are the challenges? We asked these questions to the panellists of the NB8 seminar arranged in late August 2011.

Aug 2011

Johnny Åkerholm: EU must regain its credibility

"The economic situation in Europe is more critical than it has ever been since the 2nd world war," said NIB President at the Chydenius Seminar (Finland). A summary of his speech. Also available in Finnish.

Jul 2011

Johnny Åkerholm: Euroopan unionin palautettava uskottavuutensa

Konferenssipuheen kooste. Puhe pidettiin Chydenius-seminaarissa Kokkolassa 16. heinäkuuta 2011.

Jul 2011

Almedalen Week: Nordic countries in forefront for green growth

Nordic decision-makers give their opinion on how to combine economic growth with environmental sustainability, interviewed during the Almedalen Week 2011.

Jul 2011

Johnny Åkerholm: Is it safe to forecast on the basis of recent trends?

In his speech at the conference Future 2020, on 21 June 2011 in Helsinki, Mr Åkerholm discussed the uncertainty of basing economic forecasts on the current trends in the financial

Jun 2011

NIB 35 years: Building Nordic economic cooperation

After almost 35 years as NIB employees, Chief Compliance Officer Siv Hellén and Loan Administration Specialist Barbro Eriksson look back at an important era in the history of Nordic economic cooperation—the foundation and development of the Nordic Investment Bank.

Jun 2011

NIB's coming of age

For NIB, after 35 years, routines are well established and the organisation runs smoothly. The old slogan "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is easily accepted. But this stage shouldn't pass without reflection.

Jun 2011

Andris Vilks: NIB operates in Europe's most dynamic region

The Baltic countries made painful but necessary steps to get back on track. We've done what we've promised, says Andris Vilks, Latvia's finance minister in this interview.

May 2011



NIB and Nooa Säästöpankki sign loan facility for SMEs and environmental projects in Finland

A loan programme with Finnish Nooa Säästöpankki Oy will finance investments by SMEs and small-scale environmental projects.

14 Dec 2017

NIB finances transport infrastructure in Täby, Sweden

A loan to the municipality of Täby will finance the construction of a new town hall building and a number of public infrastructure projects.

12 Dec 2017

Category A project for disclosure

In accordance with its Sustainability Policy and Guidelines, NIB publishes information on the construction of a new hydropower plant in Finland. The information is available for 30 days starting from 1 December 2017.

1 Dec 2017