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Interviews and opinions

Interviews and opinions

Researcher: Well-being of SMEs key for Nordic Baltic competitiveness

SMEs are the backbone of Nordic Baltic region's economy and the first to suffer in financial crises, says Lisbet Horslund, who conducted a study on SMEs' access to financing in the region.

Jun 2013

What’s the next big Nordic success story?

While the European project faces rising scepticism, the Nordic Baltic region are yet to appreciate and utilise the potential of the Nordic cooperation model.

Jun 2013

Rimantas Šadžius: NIB needed as a financier for a strong region

Minister of Finance of Lithuania, Rimantas Šadžius, says NIB's main task is to fill gaps in the financial markets. He encourages NIB to intensify its lending to the SME sector.

Apr 2013

Research: societies willing to invest in saving the Baltic Sea

A recent report by the research network BalticSTERN shows that people around the Baltic Sea are willing to take on the cost of the Baltic Sea Action Plan. “People obviously share a clear view that the the environmental status of the sea must be improved,” says Siv Ericsdotter, head of the network secreatariat, in this interview.

Apr 2013

Carbon neutral Nordics not business as usual

The Nordic countries have set targets to cut carbon emissions by 85% by 2050. The study Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives assesses the targets as quite realistic and gives a detailed account of what needs to be done for it.

Mar 2013

HELCOM: Projects in Belarus finally off the ground

In December 2012, NIB agreed a loan for revamping wastewater treatment plants in Belarus. Mikhail Durkin of HELCOM explains the significance of the expected improvements for the Baltic Sea region.

Jan 2013

PPP in NIB’s member countries

Joe Wright, Senior Director and Head of NIB’s Transaction & Portfolio Management, elaborates on the various aspects of the public-private partnership (PPP) model.

Oct 2012

Per Eldar Søvik: Compliance adds value

As Chief Compliance Officer, Per Eldar Søvik's task is to make sure that NIB adheres to the best practice of accountability, transparency and business ethics.

Oct 2012

The surprising renaissance of the Nordic model

Director General, Juhana Vartiainen reflects on the Nordic model and the challenges ahead.

Oct 2012

Thomas Wrangdahl: Passionate about it

Mr Wrangdahl, who recently was appointed NIB’s First Vice-President and Head of Lending, says he is passionate about learning. “It was the opportunity to do something outside business as usual, where the only driver is to earn money. NIB has another aspect to it, obviously its mandate, and that attracts me, both the environmental and the competitiveness part,” he says.

Sep 2012



NIB signs loan agreement with Husqvarna for R&D investments

A seven-year maturity loan agreement to finance Husqvarna AB's R&D investments 2017–2019.

5 Jan 2018

Category A project for disclosure

In accordance with its Sustainability Policy and Guidelines, NIB publishes information on the construction and upgrade of National Road 3/25 in Hedmark, Norway. The information is available for 30 days starting from 22 December 2017.

22 Dec 2017

NIB finances Ericsson’s 5G research programme

A loan to the Swedish telecom company Ericsson will finance a research programme for the development of 5G mobile technology.

22 Dec 2017