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Interviews and opinions

Interviews and opinions

Nordic–Baltic grid needs significant investments

Bente Hagem of Norwegian Statnett and Jukka Ruusunen of Finnish Fingrid outline the priorities for the energy sector in the Nordic-Baltic region.

Mar 2014

NIB model an idea for Britain?

The financial crisis has sparked a flurry of policy innovation in Britain. One suggestion is a British Investment Bank that could be modelled after NIB.

Jan 2014

Environmentally responsible economic activities vital for well-being in the Arctic

The strength of the cooperation in the Barents region lies in its practical nature and its regional and local dimension. Read about Finland's Arctic Strategy in the column by the Finnish Foreign Minister, Erkki Tuomioja.

Dec 2013

Rail Baltic is now on track

Rail Baltic, a major EU-funded project, is now firmly on track after the partner countries – the three Baltic States, Finland and Poland – agreed to set up a joint venture to design and build this vital rail link.

Nov 2013

HELCOM: New nutrient reduction targets confirm Baltic Sea Action Plan approach

The HELCOM Ministerial Meeting has adopted new targets for nutrient reduction. Read more in the column by Monika Stankiewich, HELCOM Executive Secretary.

Oct 2013

Vice-Minister: No more energy islands in the EU by 2015

"The international financial institutions make infrastructure investments feasible for us," says Aleksandras Spruogis, Lithuania's Vice-Minister of Energy in an interview with NIB Newsletter.

Sep 2013

NIB President: Nordic Baltic region should use its strengths

To maintain its competitiveness, the Nordic Baltic region should make the most of its strengths: sound economic policies, knowledge-based economies and a healthy banking sector, says Henrik Normann, NIB President & CEO.

Jun 2013

Christian Ketels: Uncertainty fences off investments in the region

Uncertain outlooks are inhibiting investment activity and weakening economic growth. Dr Christian Ketels of Harvard Business School explains what the financial sector can do to improve the climate.

Jun 2013

Researcher: Well-being of SMEs key for Nordic Baltic competitiveness

SMEs are the backbone of Nordic Baltic region's economy and the first to suffer in financial crises, says Lisbet Horslund, who conducted a study on SMEs' access to financing in the region.

Jun 2013

What’s the next big Nordic success story?

While the European project faces rising scepticism, the Nordic Baltic region are yet to appreciate and utilise the potential of the Nordic cooperation model.

Jun 2013



NIB lends to transmission lines in Iceland

A ten-year loans to Icelandic Landsnet is earmarked for expanding and strengthening the electricity network in Iceland.

23 Nov 2017

NIB and Sparebanken Øst to finance low-emission projects in Norway

A new loan programme will finance projects aimed at curbing CO2 emissions as well as SME investments in south-eastern Norway.

22 Nov 2017

NIB story in one minute

Click to watch an animation of the "NIB story", a brief narrated presentation of the Bank's activities and how they contribute to fulfilling its mission.

20 Nov 2017