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Interviews and opinions

Interviews and opinions

Mixed economic outlook for the Baltic and Nordic countries

Despite a difficult environment, the Baltic economies have made progress in the past years, whereas the Nordic countries present a diverse picture. Read more on the economic situation in NIB's member countries a column by Gunnar Tersman of Handelsbanken (Sweden).

Sep 2015

CICERO: A second opinion on green bonds

The growing market for green bonds creates demand for independent reviews of the actual “greenness” of the projects they finance. "It is about building confidence and what investors want”, says CICERO's Senior Researcher Asbjørn Torvanger.

Sep 2015

Green bonds: demand for ethical investment on the rise

We believe focusing on sustainability issues creates value. Investing in green bonds is a way to express this within the fixed-income universe, says Ole-Petter Langeland of Swedish Second Pension Fund.

Jun 2015

Chairman of the Board of Governors: NIB's fundamentals are solid

The Nordic and Baltic countries welcome the outcome of NIB's strategy review which shows that the fundamentals of the Bank are solid, says Antti Rinne, Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors (until 29 May 2015).

May 2015

A Northern Policy is needed

In his column, Finland's former Prime Minister, Paavo Lipponen, advocates for an EU Northern Policy: the European North has a great potential for growth the EU is seeking.

May 2015

Growth opportunities in Arctic Scandinavia?

The prime ministers of Sweden, Norway and Finland set up an expert group to identify what would stimulate economic growth in the northern area of the three countries. Read more in a column by Anne Husebekk, Rector of Norway's Arctic University.

Mar 2015

Josef Ackermann: Do not rely on past achievements

In recent years, the Nordic countries and Germany have emerged as role models in the economic debate. Much has been achieved, but resting on one’s laurels may result in falling behind, says Josef Ackermann, former CEO of Deutsche Bank in an interview with the NIB Newsletter.

Feb 2015

Tourism driving Icelandic recovery

In recent years, tourism has brought more foreign currency into Iceland than even the seafood industry. “The increase in tourism has been a major driver out of the collapse”, says Jón Ásbergsson, CEO of Promote Iceland, in an interview with the NIB Newsletter.

Jan 2015

Competitiveness of SMEs a must for success

The success of the Nordic-Baltic region depends on advanced technologies. The first order of business should be to ease access to finance for SMEs, writes Thomas Bustrup, Deputy Director of Danish Industry, in his column.

Dec 2014

Baltic economy expert: Past ten years a rollercoaster ride

The Baltic countries are considered to represent identical political and economic values. In some ways they certainly do: in the wish for still closer integration with the West, writes Morten Hansen of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga in his column.

Nov 2014



NIB finances the expansion of Posten Norge’s logistics centre

A loan to the Norwegian postal service Posten Norge will finance the upgrade of the Alnabru logistics centre north of Oslo, Norway.

15 Dec 2017

NIB and Nooa Säästöpankki sign loan facility for SMEs and environmental projects in Finland

A loan programme with Finnish Nooa Säästöpankki Oy will finance investments by SMEs and small-scale environmental projects.

14 Dec 2017

NIB finances transport infrastructure in Täby, Sweden

A loan to the municipality of Täby will finance the construction of a new town hall building and a number of public infrastructure projects.

12 Dec 2017