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Interviews and opinions

Interviews and opinions

Finance Minister of Estonia: We depend on the success of the whole region

“There will be demand for NIB’s financing in the future in the region and more widely”, says Sven Sester, Estonia's Minister of Finance, who chaired the NIB Governors meeting in 2016.

Jun 2016

Board Chairman: Implementing NIB’s revised strategy a priority

Kaspars Āboliņš (Latvia), appointed the Chairman of NIB's Board of Directors for the next two years, says that NIB's revised strategy will help fill market gaps in dealing with smaller businesses.

Jun 2016

NDPTL grant helps kick off port expansion in Gdansk

DCT Gdansk is carrying out one of Europe’s largest maritime infrastructure projects. The expansion started off with a grant from the Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics.

Jun 2016

Sweden: Waste too valuable to throw away

Waste is too expensive to throw it away. Today’s Sweden shows a great example of turning waste into energy. It is a recycling revolution we are witnessing, says Dr Raziyeh Khodayari to NIB Newsletter.

May 2016

Investors show interest as Stockholm County borrows green

"Interest from regional authorities in green bonds will grow, as investors are declaring an intention to increase green bond holdings”, says Frida Korneliusson of the Stockholm County Council.

Apr 2016

Oil price: How does it affect Norway and the rest of the region?

It is tempting to believe Norway is an oil-driven economy. The correlation between oil prices and the Norwegian economy, however, is not quite as clear-cut as many believe. Read a column by Norwegian economic analyst Kyrre M. Knudsen.

Feb 2016

Green light at third attempt: How NIB came to be forty years ago

Bengt Dennis, a member of the Bank's first Board of Directors in 1976, gives an account of events leading up to the establishment of NIB 40 years ago. "The third attempt to launch the bank was made in late 1974 and early 1975, and proved successful."

Dec 2015

Financial markets: From villains to heroes?

"One day, all undertakings of the financial markets should be green, long-term and sustainable—without special labels", writes Swedish climate economist Klas Eklund in his column for the NIB Newsletter.

Nov 2015

HELCOM: Sewage sludge recycling crucial for Baltic Sea region

Sewage sludge has remarkable potential in many economic areas, but in most cases is still disposed of in landfills. HELCOM is developing a new Recommendation to promote maximum utilisation of sewage sludge.

Nov 2015

Rovaniemi: An Arctic insider view

“The world is benchmarking us. The Arctic ice is melting and new transport corridors are likely to emerge”, says Esko Lotvonen, Mayor of Rovaniemi, a growth centre for Arctic Finland.

Nov 2015



NIB finances construction of undersea tunnels in western Norway

A loan to the Norwegian toll road company Ryfast AS will finance the construction of an undersea tunnel system in Rogaland County, Norway.

21 Dec 2017

NIB finances the expansion of Copenhagen Airport

A loan to Copenhagen Airports A/S will finance capacity investments and expansion projects at Denmark's largest airport.

19 Dec 2017

Nordic-financed wastewater treatment plant opens in Petrozavodsk, Russia

On 19 December, the city of Petrozavodsk and its water utility PKS inaugurated an upgraded wastewater treatment plant on the shore of Lake Onega.

19 Dec 2017