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Interviews and opinions

Interviews and opinions

Christoffer Taxell: NIB bigger than its balance sheet

NIB has a good reputation. One could say that today NIB is much bigger than its balance sheet, says Mr Taxell, who has chaired NIB's Business Advisory Group since August 2008.

Dec 2010

Johnny Åkerholm: Basel framework contributed to the crisis

It is noteworthy that the financial crisis happened just after Basel II was introduced. The model lifts the burden of assessing the risks from bankers.

Dec 2010

Ukraine's PM: Mutual effort for energy efficiency in Eastern Europe

Mykola Azarov, Ukraine's Prime Minister, says in this interview that cooperation with international financial institutions such as NIB is invaluable to his country's development.

Dec 2010

Marjeta Jager: Northern Dimension region to become attractive for investments in transport

Interview with Marjeta Jager, Director, Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport at the European Commission.

Dec 2010

Skanska's Cecilia Fasth: Being green is a quality stamp

Swedish Skanska's Green Business Officer, Cecilia Fasth, explains how the company builds green buildings by reducing waste production, water use and energy consumption.

Oct 2010

Gabriella Lindholm: High-level networking to mobilise regional initiatives

Cross-sector cooperation is crucial in the work HELCOM is doing everyday to preserve its credibility as an expert organisation, says Gabriella Lindholm, HELCOM's chairperson.

Oct 2010

Minister Kreivys: Lithuania to emerge as knowledge economy

After a year of steep decline, the outlook is good in the Lithuanian economy. The country's Minister of Economy Dainius Kreivys is optimistic.

Oct 2010

Gatis Kokins: Excellence to drive Latvia's economy in the future?

The Latvian economy was unprepared for the global financial crisis. Now that optimism's back, the cost structure suggests excellence as a driving power of tomorrow.

Oct 2010

Anne Christine Brusendorff: Baltic Sea rescue on track

The HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan is proceeding according to schedule, says the organisation's Executive Secretary Anne Christine Brusendorff in this interview.

May 2010

Minister Carlgren: Prosperity and economic growth of the Baltic Sea region is at stake

The cost of no action is threatening. NIB can give a substantive contribution, says Sweden's Minister of the Environment.

Mar 2010



NIB and SpareBank 1 Østlandet open SME loan facility in Norway

The funds under a new loan programme will be onlent for SME investments as well as for environmental projects in eastern Norway.

17 Oct 2017

NIB-financed wastewater treatment plant opens in St Petersburg, Russia

On 10 October, the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia, opened its upgraded Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant as part of a large investment programme aimed at improving the environmental status of the Baltic Sea.

10 Oct 2017

NIB in January–August 2017: Steady demand for long-term financing

In the first eight months of the year, NIB experienced good demand for long-term financing from the municipal sector in the Bank’s member countries. NIB publishes the Interim Management Statement for Jan-Aug 2017.

10 Oct 2017