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Cases and feature stories

Cases and feature stories

Litgrid: Baltic energy ring is now complete

8 Feb 2016

“Today we can say that 2015 was a breakthrough for Lithuania's energy independence, both when it comes to gas supply and now also electrical power”, says Romas Švedas, a Lithuanian industry expert.

Finnfund: There is a global urgency for climate financing

22 Jan 2016

There is a global urgency to finance climate friendly investments. Both the expected capital increase and the financing we have received from NIB serve this purpose, says Jaakko Kangasniemi, CEO of Finnfund.

NIB Environmental Bonds: How we select and evaluate projects

18 Jan 2016

Once a loan project has been identified, the Bank's Sustainability & Mandate Unit is the first to be involved in assessing the project's potential impact. Read an interview with Magnus Andersson, Senior Environmental Analyst at NIB.

As funding year rounding off, NIB gearing up for 2016

4 Dec 2015

The total amount of new funding transactions has reached EUR 4.5 billion by early December. The Bank is developing a more extensive funding programme for 2016.

NIB to advance lending to SMEs and mid-caps

16 Nov 2015

NIB is expanding its core product range to finance SMEs and mid-cap companies in its member countries. This revised strategy will bring in changes in the ways the Bank supports smaller businesses.

NIB Environmental Bond issuance likely to double in coming years

16 Nov 2015

Fighting climate change is on the agenda for the fixed income markets. The green bond market is rapidly accelerating. It is about time to define standards. Read more in a column by NIB's Head of Treasury, Lars Eibeholm.

Lysebotn a power plant inside a mountain

5 Oct 2015

A tunnel at the bottom of the Lysefjord in western Norway reveals a noisy construction site. The Lysebotn power plant will provide balancing services to the Nordic market and beyond in a few years.

Kampusareena: Grass roof campus to nourish high-tech dexterity

5 Oct 2015 Surroundings of the new Kampusareena building at Tampere University of Technology. Photo: University Properties of Finland.

The futuristic Kampusareena building at Tampere University of Technology is attracting many high-tech tenants to mingle among the students under the grass roof.

NIB to eye more deals in non-member countries

1 Oct 2015

NIB is set to broaden the geographical focus of its lending outside its member countries. Projects eligible for financing will be assessed on the case-by-case basis from the point of view of the Bank’s mission fulfilment.

Successful second USD benchmark issue

30 Sep 2015

The Bank’s USD 1 billion global re-opened the USD market for supranational issuers following a three-week issuance moratorium due to the highly anticipated September meeting of the US Federal Reserve.



NIB and Volvofinans Bank sign new loan programme for SMEs in Sweden

A loan facility with Volvofinans Bank AB will finance the acquisition of commercial vehicles for SMEs and small mid-caps in Sweden.

27 Nov 2017

NIB lends to transmission lines in Iceland

A ten-year loans to Icelandic Landsnet is earmarked for expanding and strengthening the electricity network in Iceland.

23 Nov 2017

NIB and Sparebanken Øst to finance low-emission projects in Norway

A new loan programme will finance projects aimed at curbing CO2 emissions as well as SME investments in south-eastern Norway.

22 Nov 2017