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Cases and feature stories

Cases and feature stories

Espoo new hospital: A look into the future of healthcare

1 Jun 2017 Espoo Hospital

Finland’s demographic change has made long-term investments in healthcare necessary. The new hospital in Espoo gives an example of what future healthcare centres in Finland could look like.

Össur: Research for improved life quality

22 May 2017 Össur kids

“We are developing solutions that allow people to live their lives without limitations. Mobility is key to independence”, says Dr. Þorvaldur Ingvarsson at Össur in an interview with NIB Newsletter.

“Sweden is growing and so is the need for wastewater treatment”

8 May 2017

In 2016, 15% of NIB's loans agreed during the year was provided for wastewater treatment, mostly in Sweden. The pipeline of these projects is expanding, reflecting the demand for improvements in growing communities.

NIB provides green funding to Vasakronan

5 May 2017 Thomas Wrangdahl and Fredrik Wirdenius

"The financing from NIB is very competitive, and since the Bank analyses the projects it funds, the loan has become a quality stamp for Vasakronan’s brand”, says Fredrik Wirdenius, CEO of Vasakronan.

NIB into Kauri: Issuing bonds and planting trees

5 May 2017 Kauri tree

The Kauri market's turning ten. For NIB, the market's second largest issuer, the past decade was an opportunity to diversify its investor portfolio and - plant trees! NIB's bonds have added 600 young kauris in a forest near Auckland.

Kemijoki hydropower revamped for climate action

28 Apr 2017 Kemijoki Oy

“Finland’s energy policy aims for the advancement of biomass, wind and solar energy, but hydropower will be just as consequential", says Mr Jani Ollila, CFO of Kemijoki Oy.

NIB shows strong start for funding year 2017

10 Mar 2017

In line with previous years, NIB’s strategy is to complete one to three global benchmarks, complemented by public and private issues to maintain a diversified portfolio of currencies and a global investor base.

Need better environment and more equality? Take the metro!

7 Mar 2017 Stockholm metro

“A convenient public transport service is a prerequisite for any city aspiring to high environmental standards and social equality”, says Stefan Wallin of Stockholm County Council's traffic administration.

Lidl building Nordic identity

28 Feb 2017 Lidl in Finland

Finland's grocery sector has grown price-conscious in recent years. Discounters, such as German Lidl, are well-placed to profit in the challenging climate.

Smart meters to stave off overload and fuse Nordic power retail

23 Jan 2017

New electricity data hubs are expected to cut peak demand and open up to innovations such as consumers storing or selling self-generated renewable energy.



NIB finances new pier at Arlanda Airport in Sweden

A long-term loan agreement with the Swedish airport operator Swedavia AB will finance the construction of a new pier at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

21 Dec 2017

NIB loan to NEFCO to boost energy efficiency in Ukrainian universities

NIB's loan will be used for the renovation of university buildings in Ukraine for better energy efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

21 Dec 2017

NIB finances construction of undersea tunnels in western Norway

A loan to the Norwegian toll road company Ryfast AS will finance the construction of an undersea tunnel system in Rogaland County, Norway.

21 Dec 2017