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Cases and feature stories

Cases and feature stories

Head of Treasury: NIB’s bonds attract investors worldwide

27 Jan 2014

In 2014, NIB will continue offering quality and stability to investors. “NIB is active in many financial markets worldwide. This helps us keep our funding sources diversified,” says Lars Eibeholm, Head of NIB’s Treasury.

Sparbanken Nord: We gain a lot from cooperating around NIB goals

23 Jan 2014

The savings banks branch can gain a lot from cooperating around the goals such as improving competitiveness and the environment, says Erik Hägglöv, head of Sparbanken Nord in Sweden.

NIB lending to SMEs to boost productivity and competitiveness

16 Jan 2014

SMEs employ 2/3 of all employees in the region and contribute a similar share of the added value produced. This is precisely why lending to SMEs should be a priority for the Bank, says NIB President Henrik Normann.

Rail Baltica: it's not a question of if, but when

16 Dec 2013

A thousand-kilometre high-speed link between Tallinn and Warsaw that has for twenty years been just a distant ambitious idea is finally taking shape.

Latvenergo: Latvia becomes self-sufficient in power generation

13 Dec 2013

NIB’s long-standing customer, the Latvian power company A/S Latvenergo, has launched the second power generating unit of its largest combined heat and power plant TEC-2.

Sustainable heat production a top priority

9 Dec 2013

Investments in the district heating sector with NIB financing, exceeding EUR 1 billion, have been implemented in the Nordic and Baltic region as well as other countries in recent years.

NIB attractive for Kangaroo and Kauri investors

26 Nov 2013

NIB is a recognised issuer of AUD and NZD bonds. “NIB is one of the pre-eminent names with some of the tightest issuance spreads and largest issuance volumes,” says Glen Sørensen, Director of Syndicate from ANZ New Zealand.

Financing the future—NIB sharpens up its promise

14 Oct 2013

NIB sharpens up its promise to stakeholders by clarifying its mission, strategy and values. At the same time, a new visual identity will gradually be implemented.

Tunnelling miles for wastewater to give the Baltic Sea a chance

13 Oct 2013

The completion of the NIB-cofinanced 12-kilometre Northern Tunnel Collector crowns the city’s decades-long efforts to eliminate discharges of untreated effluent into the Baltic Sea.

DONG inaugurates Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm

9 Sep 2013

DONG Energy A/S inaugurated Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm at Anholt on 4 September. The Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is co-financed by NIB and represents the Bank's single largest loan ever.



NIB President: Trust a foundation of a well-functioning economy

On 2 October, NIB President participated in a seminar on economic transition, where he spoke about the role of transparency and trust for maintaining competitiveness and sustaining economic growth.

3 Oct 2017

NIB signs loan agreement for Stockholm wastewater treatment

A loan to the City of Stockholm will finance the capacity expansion of Stockholm’s main wastewater treatment facility.

2 Oct 2017

NIB finances municipal school investment in Porvoo, Finland

A long-term loan to the city of Porvoo in southern Finland is earmarked for the construction and renovation of school and preschool buildings in the municipality, an improvement that will affect more than 4,100 children.

29 Sep 2017