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Cases and feature stories

Category: Treasury

Head of Treasury: NIB keeps delivering what investors value the most

4 Feb 2013

How did NIB’s funding perform in 2012 and what’s to expect in 2013? Is NIB paper still a ‘safe haven’ product? Lars Eibeholm, Vice-President and Head of Treasury, explains all to NIB Newsletter.

NIB funding benefits from flight to quality

19 Dec 2011

For the financial markets, 2011 turned to be very turbulent year. In the challenging environment NIB benefited from investors flight to quality and raised almost EUR 3 billion at favourable costs.

NIB Treasury: Investors to buy into Nordic Baltic environmental projects

19 Oct 2011

NIB has introduced its Environmental Bond. The NIB Newsletter has asked Lars Eibeholm, the Bank’s Head of Treasury and CFO, to tell more about the new treasury notes.

Debt market opens strongly on fragile ground

15 Feb 2011

The global debt capital markets witnessed a strong start in early 2011. The volumes of new USD-denominated issues exceeded USD 35 billion in supranational, sovereign and agencies (SSA) benchmark issuance. This marks an almost 50% surge on the same period in 2010.

Lower return, new borrowing opportunities on sinking yields

7 Sep 2010

Long-term government yields in the financial markets have bottomed to levels last seen in the 1940s. Jón Thorsteinsson, Head of Own Capital Management at NIB, explains how this development affects the Bank and its borrowers.

Åkerholm: Stronger capital base adds to NIB's lending capacity

3 Sep 2010

The support of the owners adds to NIB's credibility and enables us to act already now, says NIB President Johnny Åkerholm commenting on the decision to increase the authorised capital of the Bank by EUR 2 billion as of 1 January 2011.

Head of Treasury: Demand for NIB bonds unaffected by debt crisis

7 Jun 2010

Even in today's volatile market conditions, NIB offers its investors stability and reliability along with the highest possible credit rating, says Lars Eibeholm, Head of NIB Treasury, in this interview.

Head of Treasury: Demand remains strong for NIB's bond issues

2 Feb 2010

The demand for NIB's bonds has proven to be strong and in 2010, with a new funding team in charge, NIB will continue to issue global benchmark bonds and diversify its investor base.

NIB's Head of Treasury: the Bank aims to raise EUR 4 bn in 2009

1 Feb 2009

"Timing, pricing and duration are the keywords for NIB's funding activities in 2009," says Lars Eibeholm, Head of Treasury and CFO of NIB after a tough 2008 for the financial markets.



NIB and Sydbank cooperate to finance SMEs in Denmark

The new facility enables parallel lending and will result in risk sharing by the two banks.

26 Feb 2018

NIB finances Kemira’s R&D and chlorate expansion in Joutseno, Finland

A loan to the global chemicals company Kemira Oyj will finance the expansion of the company’s sodium chlorate production capacity in Joutseno, Finland, and R&D investments.

19 Feb 2018

NIB finances ESS laboratories and offices in Lund, Sweden

A loan to SKR Spallation AB will finance the construction of research facilities at the site of the European Spallation Source in Southern Sweden.

16 Feb 2018