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Cases and feature stories

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Head of funding: Market welcomes our USD 500m environmental benchmark

10 Oct 2014

We believe that our green benchmark's success proves there is substantial demand for environmental bonds, says Jens Hellerup, Head of Funding and Investor Relations at NIB, in this interview.

NIB’s funding in autumn 2014—focus on green bonds

8 Sep 2014

In the second half of the year, NIB will be eyeing the green bond market. “We are gearing up to expand our green program this autumn”, says Lars Eibeholm, Vice-President and Head of Treasury at NIB, in this interview.

NIB’s 5-year USD benchmark issue successfully placed

6 May 2014

Since the pricing, the benchmark has been marked as even more expensive by bond traders. This is not only a gain for existing investors, but also a reassurance for NIB that its credit quality is highly regarded by investors.

Head of Treasury: NIB’s bonds attract investors worldwide

27 Jan 2014

In 2014, NIB will continue offering quality and stability to investors. “NIB is active in many financial markets worldwide. This helps us keep our funding sources diversified,” says Lars Eibeholm, Head of NIB’s Treasury.

NIB attractive for Kangaroo and Kauri investors

26 Nov 2013

NIB is a recognised issuer of AUD and NZD bonds. “NIB is one of the pre-eminent names with some of the tightest issuance spreads and largest issuance volumes,” says Glen Sørensen, Director of Syndicate from ANZ New Zealand.

NIB’s funding this summer: focus on private placements

6 Sep 2013

This summer, NIB has been busy with private placements. Let’s have a closer look at NIB’s private placement products and the rationale behind them.

Funding in 2013: interim results, highlights and outlook

12 Jun 2013

Halfway through 2013, the Bank has accomplished 66% of the funding requirements for the year, having issued a milestone USD 2 billion benchmark

NIB Environmental Bonds: a product for environmentally conscious investors

26 Apr 2013

Environmental bonds have become a well-established asset for a growing number of investors in recent years. Pursuant to its mandate, NIB offers investments targeted at environmental improvements.

Revised impairment method strengthens NIB’s balance sheet

12 Mar 2013

NIB has revised its method for collective impairments. They are in the 2012 income statement in addition to the allowances for specific impairments. Head of Funding and Investor Relations, Mr Jens Hellerup gives his thoughts on the subject.

Head of Treasury: NIB keeps delivering what investors value the most

4 Feb 2013

How did NIB’s funding perform in 2012 and what’s to expect in 2013? Is NIB paper still a ‘safe haven’ product? Lars Eibeholm, Vice-President and Head of Treasury, explains all to NIB Newsletter.



NIB finances the expansion of Copenhagen Airport

A loan to Copenhagen Airports A/S will finance capacity investments and expansion projects at Denmark's largest airport.

19 Dec 2017

Nordic-financed wastewater treatment plant opens in Petrozavodsk, Russia

On 19 December, the city of Petrozavodsk and its water utility PKS inaugurated an upgraded wastewater treatment plant on the shore of Lake Onega.

19 Dec 2017

NIB finances the expansion of Posten Norge’s logistics centre

A loan to the Norwegian postal service Posten Norge will finance the upgrade of the Alnabru logistics centre north of Oslo, Norway.

15 Dec 2017