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Cases and feature stories

Cases and feature stories

NIB and NEFCO team up for lasting impact in neighbouring areas

8 Mar 2018

Cooperation between NIB and NEFCO in Ukraine is an example of how the two IFIs complement each other in financing environmental improvement, says Magnus Rystedt, NEFCO’s Managing Director, in an interview with NIB Newsletter.

Chr. Hansen: Long-term financing for value creation

25 Feb 2018 Chr Hansen

The demand for cleaner food is growing stronger, and so is the need for new product development. Søren Westh Lonning, CFO of Chr. Hansen, weighs in on the importance of R&D and the right kind of financing.

NIB seminar discusses solutions for green finance

2 Feb 2018 Green Finance for the Future seminar

"Creative solutions will be needed to address climate change, energy efficiency and pollution. Effective policy and technological innovation can help tackle these challenges", said Cecilia Repinski at NIB's Green Finance for the Future event in Stockholm.

Funding 2018: Relying on proven strategies

28 Jan 2018

In 2018, NIB is carrying on its strategy for acquiring funds, which includes issuing global benchmarks and continuing the green bond programme, accompanied by smaller deals in various currencies.

Active planning for passive houses in Knivsta

23 Nov 2017

The Swedish town of Knivsta is experiencing some of the fastest population growth in the country. Providing a sustainable living environment for all is the municipality's main priority.

Porvoo children enjoy improved school facilities

23 Nov 2017

With an impressive investment programme of EUR 100 million, Finland’s second-oldest city of Porvoo is upgrading its school centres, and literally investing in its future. This investment will have a positive effect on the city for a long time, says Raija Vaniala, the city’s head of finance.

Visitors boost economic recovery in Iceland

20 Nov 2017

Recent capacity expansions at Keflavík Airport have increased comfort and convenience for travellers flying into Iceland, a country whose economy recovery has been helped by a thriving tourism industry.

Espoo: The metro is not just a line

19 Nov 2017

The metro will not only cut carbon emissions by some 40% in the public transport corridor of the metropolitan region, it will affect daily routines, the way the city looks and even the school system.

NIB at COP23: Customers see opportunities in green financing

14 Nov 2017

At the Nordic Finance Day at COP23 in Bonn, the role of the financial industry in combating climate change and promoting green financing was discussed in the panel debate on financing the green transition.

NIB’s green investors get deeper insight into projects they finance

6 Oct 2017 NIB Green investor event 2017

The Bank's Funding team invited investors in its environmental bonds to visit projects they help finance. Read a report on NIB's second annual Green Investor event.


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NIB finances ambulance helicopter service network in Sweden

A loan to Svensk Luftambulans will finance the merger of local airborne ambulance services in Sweden and the acquisition of new helicopters.

17 Apr 2018

NIB and SG Finans launch third SME leasing facility in Norway, partly Arctic

It is expected that up to EUR 25 million of the facility will be used to finance SME leasing in Norway’s Arctic area.

22 Mar 2018

NIB lends to broadband network investments in Norway

NIB will finance Eidsiva Energi's digital infrastructure projects in Norway during 2017-2021.

22 Mar 2018