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Cases and feature stories

Cases and feature stories

Espoo: The metro is not just a line

19 Nov 2017

The metro will not only cut carbon emissions by some 40% in the public transport corridor of the metropolitan region, it will affect daily routines, the way the city looks and even the school system.

NIB at COP23: Customers see opportunities in green financing

14 Nov 2017

At the Nordic Finance Day at COP23 in Bonn, the role of the financial industry in combating climate change and promoting green financing was discussed in the panel debate on financing the green transition.

NIB’s green investors get deeper insight into projects they finance

6 Oct 2017 NIB Green investor event 2017

The Bank's Funding team invited investors in its environmental bonds to visit projects they help finance. Read a report on NIB's second annual Green Investor event.

Skanska: making the most of smart and green

1 Sep 2017 Skanska Poland

“Most people are not aware of the strain the building sector is putting on the planet", says Adam Targowski, Sustainability Manager at Skanska Commercial Development Europe. “The good thing is that we know how to make a difference.”

NIB to discuss environmental financing at Almedalen Week

13 Jun 2017 Almedalen Week

NIB welcomes you to attend a panel debate on the need for a green transition and ways to finance it the Almedalen Week Monday 3 July.

Kaliningrad inaugurates long-expected wastewater treatment plant

12 Jun 2017

The new wastewater treatment plant eliminates a major Baltic Sea pollution hotspot. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, the plant is big enough to treat all of the city’s effluent.

NIB contributes to revision of Green Bond Principles

12 Jun 2017 Green Bond Principles

“The Green Bond Principles help to define the key role debt markets can play in funding environmentally friendly projects and support issuers in transitioning their business model towards greater sustainability", says Jens Hellerup, Head of Funding & Investor Relations at NIB.

Espoo new hospital: A look into the future of healthcare

1 Jun 2017 Espoo Hospital

Finland’s demographic change has made long-term investments in healthcare necessary. The new hospital in Espoo gives an example of what future healthcare centres in Finland could look like.

Össur: Research for improved life quality

22 May 2017 Össur kids

“We are developing solutions that allow people to live their lives without limitations. Mobility is key to independence”, says Dr. Þorvaldur Ingvarsson at Össur in an interview with NIB Newsletter.

“Sweden is growing and so is the need for wastewater treatment”

8 May 2017

In 2016, 15% of NIB's loans agreed during the year was provided for wastewater treatment, mostly in Sweden. The pipeline of these projects is expanding, reflecting the demand for improvements in growing communities.


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NIB-financed Helsinki–Espoo metro line launched in Finland

On 18 November, the Helsinki city transport operator HKL launched a 14-kilomtre extension of Helsinki metro line into the city of Espoo.

18 Nov 2017

NIB funds advanced metering and power grid upgrades in Norway

A loan to the Norwegian regional utility Glitre Energi AS will finance the roll-out of an advanced smart metering system and regional and distribution power grid upgrades.

16 Nov 2017

NIB and Deutsche Leasing Sverige launch new facility for small businesses

A new facility, with a maturity of five years, will assist SMEs and small mid-caps in the acquisition of production equipment.

9 Nov 2017