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5 Sep 2017

Environmental financing at a glance

NIB Green financing brochure

NIB has published a new brochure outlining its added value through environmental financing. 

Financing projects that help to reduce the burden on the environment is becoming increasingly important. As agreed at the UN’s Climate Change Conference in Paris 2015, a green transition is required to limit the increase in average global temperature.

NIB’s mission is two-fold: to improve competitiveness and the environment of the Nordic-Baltic region. The new brochure focuses on the Bank’s environmental financing.

The Bank is a reliable source of long-term lending for its customers. NIB acquires the funds for its lending by borrowing on the international capital markets. This way, the Nordic and Baltic member countries can finance the green transition.

NIB analyses all projects from the perspective of sustainability. NIB targets projects that lead to a competitive low-carbon economy, new clean technology and improved resource efficiency. The Bank also lends to protect the environment and its ecosystem services. The benefits arising from such projects form the base for NIB’s environmental lending.

NIB also evaluates projects for impact. The environmental review assesses the net benefit on a before-and-after comparison basis and also the likelihood that these benefits will materialise.

The very best of NIB’s environmental projects are funded by proceeds from NIB Environmental Bonds.

Download the brochure

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NIB opens water infrastructure credit line with the Municipality of Kristianstad, Sweden

A loan programme to the Municipality of Kristianstad for financing wastewater and water investments.

21 Sep 2017

NIB finances new school and sport facilities in Knivsta, Sweden

A loan to the municipality of Knivsta will finance the construction of school buildings and sport centres for a growing number of students.

19 Sep 2017

NIB and Ringkjøbing Landbobank continue to finance Danish SMEs

A new ten-year facility will be used to finance renewable energy projects and SME investments in machinery and equipment and other investments in various industries.

15 Sep 2017