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Loan process

Loan process

Chart: Loan process

How can I apply for a loan from NIB?

Applications for loan should be directed to NIB's Lending Department. There are no standard forms for a loan application.

What are the eligibility criteria?

All projects considered to fulfill the eligibility criteria, i.e. improving competitiveness and/or the environment, are subject to an objective analysis, including an environmental analysis to ensure that the project is in line with sound banking principles.

How is a loan decision made within NIB?

A decision to grant a loan is made by the Board of Directors, after preliminary approval by the Credit Committee. NIB's President is authorised by the Board to make certain lending decisions.

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Agreed loans

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NIB signs loan agreement with Husqvarna for R&D investments

A seven-year maturity loan agreement to finance Husqvarna AB's R&D investments 2017–2019.

5 Jan 2018

NIB finances Ericsson’s 5G research programme

A loan to the Swedish telecom company Ericsson will finance a research programme for the development of 5G mobile technology.

22 Dec 2017

NIB finances new pier at Arlanda Airport in Sweden

A long-term loan agreement with the Swedish airport operator Swedavia AB will finance the construction of a new pier at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

21 Dec 2017