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Loan characteristics

Loan characteristics

Long-term complementary financing

NIB is a flexible partner responding to customers' needs and providing tailor-made loans and guarantees. Most of NIB's commitments concern loans.

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Compliance & anti-corruption

Mandate rating

  • All projects are subject to a rating of their compliance with NIB's mission.   

International lending

  • NIB has operations in its Nordic and Baltic member countries and in selected focus countries. Outside the membership area, projects financed by NIB should be of mutual interest to the country of the borrower and the member countries. 

Private and public borrowers

  • NIB provides loans and guarantees to private and public companies, governments, municipalities and financial institutions.

Scope of projects 

  • NIB loans are granted for a special purpose, i.e. a project.
  • NIB loans are usually used for the financing of larger projects. Normally, the total project value amounts to more than EUR 50 million. NIB channels financing to projects of small and medium-sized enterprises through intermediaries.
  • A project to be financed might, for example, concern investments in infrastructure, such as energy and transport, improvement of the environment, research and development, improvement of manufacturing processes or the internationalisation of businesses. See recent loans
  • The proceeds of NIB loans can be used to cover any part of projects costs.

Projects improving competitiveness and the environment

  • NIB loans are provided to projects that improve competitiveness and the environment.
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Competitive market terms

  • NIB provides loans on commercially sound banking terms, i.e. loans and guarantees with no subsidy element. NIB does not provide grants or financial aid.

Complementary financing

  • A NIB loan or guarantee for a project should generally not exceed 50 per cent of the total cost of the project. 
  • NIB strives to complement other financing sources and add value through its long-term financing and status as an international financial institution.

Long maturities

  • NIB extends long-term loans. As a general rule, all loans are limited to the economic life of the asset or the relevant underlying contracts supporting the financing.

Experience in project and structured finance

Currency flexibility

  • The borrower can choose between most convertible currencies.

Interest rates and fees

  • The interest rate is set on a fixed or floating basis, as preferred by the borrower. Fees comprise, i.a., commitment and arrangement fees.

Adequate security

  • NIB requires adequate security for loans granted. There are no specific requirements regarding the types of security that NIB may accept. NIB may grant unsecured loans to counterparties that are sufficiently creditworthy. In such lending NIB requires various undertakings by the counterparty as part of the loan documentation. 

Potential grace periods

  • Grace periods are considered on the merits of the project.

Thorough analysis and monitoring 

  • Before granting a loan, NIB makes a thorough assessment of the project's technical feasibility and economic viability. The analysis also includes environmental aspects. Loans are followed up on and project implementation is monitored.

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  • AR2017


NIB finances ambulance helicopter service network in Sweden

A loan to Svensk Luftambulans will finance the merger of local airborne ambulance services in Sweden and the acquisition of new helicopters.

17 Apr 2018

NIB and SG Finans launch third SME leasing facility in Norway, partly Arctic

It is expected that up to EUR 25 million of the facility will be used to finance SME leasing in Norway’s Arctic area.

22 Mar 2018

NIB lends to broadband network investments in Norway

NIB will finance Eidsiva Energi's digital infrastructure projects in Norway during 2017-2021.

22 Mar 2018