NIB Nordic Investment Bank


Norway. Eidsiva Energi AS

Date of loan: 21 Mar 2018
Country: Norway
Customer: Eidsiva Energi AS
Amount in NOK: NOK 600 million
Amount in EUR: EUR 63.1 million
Maturity: 15 years
NACE sector / loan type: Post and telecommunications


Energy and environment


The loan has been provided for the rollout of fast optical fibre broadband networks in Norway during 2017–2020.

The rollout includes 70,000 new customers, of which 50,000 are expected to be connected to the network and 20,000 to have passive access.

Currently, there are 209,000 potential customers in this area, of which approximately 40,000 have access to optical fibre networks, while 20,000 are ready to be connected.

The investment will provide new digital infrastructure and services by expanding coverage, increasing capacity and speed.

Increased access to fast optical fibre broadband contributes to Norway’s national digital strategy of providing a minimum of 100 Mbit/s broadband connections to 90% of all households by 2020.

Eidsiva Energi AS is the largest producer and distributor of electricity in the regions of Oppland and Hedmark, Norway. The company is based in Hamar and serves approximately 159,000 customers. Eidsiva Energi owns 90.1% of Eidsiva Bredband AS, which offers broadband services. The remaining shares are owned by eight energy utility companies in Hedmark and Oppland.

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate

Highly developed digital infrastructure is a key driver of both economic progress and development.

Given the rapidly increasing range of services, volumes of traffic, increasing number of smartphones and the connection of billions smart objects through the Internet of Things and access to data stored remotely, broadband infrastructure needs to keep pace with demand.

The intensity of internet usage will only increase when it comes to e-government, e-commerce and online banking.

Sustainability summary

The project is not expected to have significant impacts on the environment.

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