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Sweden. Municipality of Knivsta

Date of loan: 18 Sep 2017
Country: Sweden
Customer: Municipality of Knivsta
Amount in SEK: SEK 350 million
Amount in EUR: EUR 37 million
Maturity: 10 years
NACE sector / loan type: Construction


Infrastructure, transportation and telecom


The loan facility has been provided to finance the construction of school buildings and sports centres in the municipality of Knivsta, Sweden.

The loan will cover investments in a preschool, an elementary school and a sports facility in Vrå, in the northern part of the municipality, as well as a preschool in Kölängen, and a sports and cultural centre.

The investment in new education facilities and adjacent sport buildings will support the municipality in accommodating the demands of a growing population, and provide students with modern learning environments.

The municipality of Knivsta has around 17,500 inhabitants and is located in the centre of the growth region of Stockholm and Uppsala. Knivsta is currently one of the fastest growing municipalities in Sweden.

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate


It is estimated that the demand for enrolment in pre- and elementary school in Knivsta will increase by 30-40% until 2030, given the fast population growth in the municipality. The new facilities will offer space for approximately 960 children, and allow teachers to better comply with the new national core curriculum.


The new buildings are planned to be constructed in accordance with the international Passive House Institute Standard. Their primary energy demand will be produced locally by solar panels and geothermal wells. The buildings are designed to be well-insulated and will use heat exchangers to prevent heat loss via the ventilation system.

Sustainability summary

No significant environmental risks have been identified.

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