NIB Nordic Investment Bank



NIB is the International Financial Institution of the Nordic and the Baltic countries. The Bank adds value and complements commercial lending to help ensure sustainable growth.

By providing long-term loans to its customers, NIB makes a lasting impact on the competitiveness and environment of the region.

NIB is a reliable source of long-term funding for its customers. All projects are reviewed from the sustainability perspective. Therefore a NIB loan may be regarded as a quality stamp.

NIB only finances specific investment projects that fulfil the Bank’s mission.

To improve competitiveness of its member countries, the NIB-financed projects should support productivity growth through

  • technical progress and innovation
  • development of human capital
  • improvements in infrastructure
  • increased market efficiency

In terms of the environment, NIB lends to projects that lead to

  • improved resource efficiency
  • development of a competitive low carbon economy
  • protection of the environment and its ecosystem services
  • development of clean technology

While the main focus of NIB's activities is on its membership area, the Bank also operates in selected non-member countries in the Baltic Sea region and emerging markets. Loans are extended on market terms and according to sound banking principles.

NIB acquires the funds for its lending by borrowing on the international capital markets. With its strong ownership and highest possible credit rating, the Bank offers stability and reliability to global investors.

NIB needs to be financially strong in order to fulfil its mandate efficiently. The Bank aims at earning a sufficient amount of return from its business operations and at the same time guarantee the owners a reasonable return on capital.

Mission and values

Our values

  • AR2016


NIB signs loan agreement with Husqvarna for R&D investments

A seven-year maturity loan agreement to finance Husqvarna AB's R&D investments 2017–2019.

5 Jan 2018

NIB opens 2018 Kauri market with NZD 400m transaction

The Bank's five-year NZD 400 million transaction has become inaugural in the New Zealand bond market this year.

5 Jan 2018

Category A project for disclosure

In accordance with its Sustainability Policy and Guidelines, NIB publishes information on the construction and upgrade of National Road 3/25 in Hedmark, Norway. The information is available for 30 days starting from 22 December 2017.

22 Dec 2017