NIB Nordic Investment Bank

Legal framework & policy documents

Legal framework and policy documents

NIB is governed by its constituent documents, namely the Agreement among its member countries and the Statutes, as well as the Host Country Agreement concluded between NIB and the Government of Finland. These establish that NIB is the member countries' common international financial institution, having the same status as other legal persons conducting similar operations within and outside the member countries. Furthermore, the constituent documents stipulate that NIB has the status of an international legal person with full legal capacity, define the immunities and privileges of the Bank and its personnel and set out the structure for the governance of the Bank.

In addition to the constituent documents of the Bank, NIB's activities are governed by a number of policies, guidelines and instructions adopted by the Board of Directors or the President. The following documents are publicly available:

Constituent documents

Constituent Documents: Agreement on NIB, Statutes, and Host Country Agreement (139 kB)
Statutes, Section 9: Up-to-date figures on the member countries’ total guarantee liability

Governance-related documents

Code of conduct for the Control Committee (137 kB)
Code of conduct for the Board of Directors and the President (377 kB)
Rules of procedure of the Board of Governors (528 kB)
Rules of procedure of the Board of Directors (372 kB)
Rules of procedure for the Control Committee (82 kB)

Policies and guidelines

Compliance, integrity and anti-corruption policy (363 kB)
Declaration on IFI uniform framework for preventing and combating Fraud and corruption  (556 kB)
Integrity due diligence guidelines for lending transactions (42 kB)
Investigation and enforcement policy (152 kB)
Liquidity policy (74 kB)
Mission, strategy and values (260 kB)
Operational risk management policy (272 kB)
Policy on handling inside information and prevention of market abuse (126 kB)
Policy towards non-compliant jurisdiction (40 kB)
Procurement guidelines for projects financed by NIB (157 kB)
Procurement guidelines for projects financed by grants from trust funds administered by NIB (272 kB)
Public information policy (500 kB)
Risk Management Policies (583 KB)
Speaking-up and whistleblowing policy (136 kB)
Sustainability policy and guidelines (443 kB)
European principles for the environment
International financial institution framework for a harmonised approach to greenhouse gas accounting (282 kB)

Staff-related documents

Overview of the legal framework for the staff (284 kB)
Arbitration regulations (99 kB)
Code of conduct for the staff (147 kB)
Rules for the Ombudsman (75 kB)
Staff regulations (535 kB)
Statutes for the Cooperation Council (56 kB)

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  • AR2017


NIB finances ambulance helicopter service network in Sweden

A loan to Svensk Luftambulans will finance the merger of local airborne ambulance services in Sweden and the acquisition of new helicopters.

17 Apr 2018

NIB and SG Finans launch third SME leasing facility in Norway, partly Arctic

It is expected that up to EUR 25 million of the facility will be used to finance SME leasing in Norway’s Arctic area.

22 Mar 2018

NIB lends to broadband network investments in Norway

NIB will finance Eidsiva Energi's digital infrastructure projects in Norway during 2017-2021.

22 Mar 2018