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Key data

Key data

NIB updates financial figures three times a year on its website: for the period January–April (published in June), the period January–August (published in October) and the period January–December (published in March). Only the year-end figures are audited.

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in EUR million unless otherwise specified




Net interest income   238 242
Profit before net loan losses   216 232
Net profit   211 212
Loans disbursed   3,147 3,373
Loans agreed   3,812 4,363
% of loans agreed achieving good or above mandate   97% 96%
Loans outstanding   17,232 16,640
Total assets   29,953 30,178
New debt issues   5,943 6,700
Debts evidenced by certificates   24,000 23,907
Total equity   3,456 3,275
Equity/total assets (%)   11.5% 10.9%
Profit/average equity (%)   6.2% 6.7%
Cost/income (%)   17.2% 16.1%
Number of employees (average during the year)   193 192

Financial reports

  • AR2017


NIB in 2017: Stable profit on expanding loan stock

In 2017, NIB continued to expand its lending operations. Loans aimed at improving productivity supported investments in R&D, infrastructure and energy. On the environmental side, the focus was on wastewater treatment.

13 Mar 2018

Webcast on sustainable financing: watch it again

On 13 March, NIB offered a webcast to present the annual results. The record of the webcast is available online.

13 Mar 2018

NIB in January–August 2017: Steady demand for long-term financing

In the first eight months of the year, NIB experienced good demand for long-term financing from the municipal sector in the Bank’s member countries. NIB publishes the Interim Management Statement for Jan-Aug 2017.

10 Oct 2017