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Compliance & anti-corruption

Compliance & anti-corruption

NIB is committed to following best practices and market standards in the areas of accountability, transparency and business ethics in order to promote sustainability. Good governance and corporate social responsibility are vital concepts in business today and form the core of the Bank’s efforts to maintain its integrity and avoid reputational risks. The Bank has established codes of conduct for all its staff and the members of its governing and supervisory bodies.

NIB has established a Compliance function (also referred to as OCCO) to address integrity and reputational risks in its daily business in accordance with the Compliance, Integrity and Anti-corruption Policy. The Bank has adopted a zero tolerance attitude towards fraud and corruption, and NIB places particular emphasis on fighting corruption in all the Bank’s activities and operations.

NIB defines corruption as any improper or illegal behaviour, where persons abuse or misuse their positions to enrich themselves or those close to them or encourage others to do so. NIB investigates all suspected or alleged cases of corruption, misconduct and non-compliance in accordance with the Investigations and Enforcement Policy. As investigations are primarily based on the allegations the Bank receives, it is of vital importance that both internal and external stakeholders take the initiative to report allegations or suspicions of any wrongdoing in relation to the Bank’s operations and activities.

To ensure adherence to the Bank's rules and regulations and prevent corruption in all the Bank’s business activities, Integrity Due Diligence Guidelines and Procedures have been adopted. NIB has also adopted a Non-compliant Jurisdiction Policy to prevent the Bank from financing operations involving money laundering, terrorist financing or tax fraud.

The Bank has established an internal Council for Fighting Corruption to focus on preventive measures and raising awareness among the Bank’s staff and other stakeholders.

NIB’s Speaking-up and Whistleblowing Policy aims to make it easier for staff and other stakeholders, including witnesses in investigations, to report any wrongdoings in good faith to the investigative functions of the Bank. Moreover, the policy establishes that retaliation against reporters or witnesses is prohibited and describes the Bank’s procedures for protecting whistleblowers.

Any person involved in the activities of NIB observing or suspecting, on reasonable grounds, that corruption or other forms of wrongdoing are occurring is strongly encouraged to report this to the Bank. The report should be made to the Chief Compliance Officer and can be submitted anonymously, without revealing the identity of the source. However, the Bank strongly encourages the disclosure of identity to enable a thorough investigation.

For information on how to report a case and contact details, click here.

Governance-related documents

Code of conduct for the Control Committee (137 kB)
Code of conduct for the Board of Directors and the President (377 kB)
Rules of procedure of the Board of Governors (44 kB)
Rules of procedure for the Control Committee (80 kB)
Rules of procedure of the Board of Directors (100 kB)

Policies and guidelines

Compliance, integrity and anti-corruption policy (363 kB)
Declaration on IFI uniform framework for preventing and combating Fraud and corruption  (556 kB)
Integrity due diligence guidelines for lending transactions (42 kB)
Investigation and enforcement policy (152 kB)
Public information policy (111 kB)
Speaking-up and whistleblowing policy (136 kB)

Staff-related documents

Code of conduct for the staff (147 kB) 


Integrity report 2017 (126 kB)
Integrity report 2016 (179 kB)
Integrity report 2015 (153 kB)
Integrity report 2014 (142 kB)
Integrity report 2013 (207 kB)
Integrity report 2011-2012 (366 kB)
Integrity report 2010 (191 kB)

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  • AR2017


NIB finances ambulance helicopter service network in Sweden

A loan to Svensk Luftambulans will finance the merger of local airborne ambulance services in Sweden and the acquisition of new helicopters.

17 Apr 2018

NIB and SG Finans launch third SME leasing facility in Norway, partly Arctic

It is expected that up to EUR 25 million of the facility will be used to finance SME leasing in Norway’s Arctic area.

22 Mar 2018

NIB lends to broadband network investments in Norway

NIB will finance Eidsiva Energi's digital infrastructure projects in Norway during 2017-2021.

22 Mar 2018