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Capital structure

Capital structure

NIB's authorised capital amounts to approximately EUR 6,142 million. The latest decision to increase the capital by EUR 2,000 million was taken by the Board of Governors in 2010 (see the press release) and and was set to enter into force once the necessary national procedures in the member countries had been completed. Subsequently the capital increase entered into force as of 16 February 2011 (see the news).

The authorised capital consists of paid-in capital and callable capital. NIB's member countries have subscribed to the authorised capital in proportion to their gross national income. See the structure of the authorised capital here.

About 6.82% of the subscribed authorised capital stock is paid in. The remainder of the authorised capital consists of callable capital, which is subject to call if the Board of Directors deems it necessary.

In addition to the paid-in and callable capital, the Bank has various reserves.

The Bank's Ordinary Lending ceiling corresponds to 250% of the authorised capital stock and accumulated general reserves. In addition to Ordinary Lending, NIB has special lending facilities guaranteed by the member countries.


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Member countries

  • AR2016


NIB in January–August 2017: Steady demand for long-term financing

In the first eight months of the year, NIB experienced good demand for long-term financing from the municipal sector in the Bank’s member countries. NIB publishes the Interim Management Statement for Jan-Aug 2017.

10 Oct 2017

NIB in January–April 2017: Stable demand from municipal sector

The flow of deals in the Bank’s lending continued to be at a high level, with a total of EUR 610 million in loans agreed and EUR 781 million in loans disbursed, in the first four months of the year.

13 Jun 2017

NIB’s Governors approve 2016 annual results

At its annual meeting, the Nordic Investment Bank’s Board of Governors approved the Bank’s annual accounts for 2016 and the payment of EUR 55 million as dividends to the member countries.

30 May 2017