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Procurement notices

Procurement notices

NIB places great emphasis on transparency and accountability in procurement as it does in all its activities as stipulated in General guidelines for procurement. The Bank is keen on providing suppliers, contractors and consultants with information on tendering for procurement related to the Bank, its sister organisations or other IFIs within the area of NIB's mandate-driven operations.

Deadline Country Notice

21 Dec 2016


Kaliningrad water and environmental services rehabilitation programme. Procurement of works for extension of eastern waterworks.

Invitation for tenders


Contract award notifications

Reconstruction of Grodno wastewater treatment plant, phase 2. Contract A1-1  (4 April 2016)

Reconstruction of Grodno wastewater treatment plant, phase 2. Contract A1-2  (4 April 2016)

  • AR2015


NIB co-finances new bio heating plant in Lahti, Finland

A loan to the City of Lahti will help halve CO2 emissions by 2025 compared to 1990 levels.

2 Dec 2016

NIB signs loan with European Spallation Source for materials science research

A loan to the European Spallation Source ERIC will finance the construction of one of the world's most powerful neutron research facilities in Lund, Sweden.

29 Nov 2016

NIB and SG Finans launch SME facility in Norway, partly Arctic

The new loan facility is earmarked for financing equipment leasing to small and medium-sized enterprises in Norway.

23 Nov 2016