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Cases and feature stories

Cases and feature stories

NIB shows strong start for funding year 2017

10 Mar 2017

In line with previous years, NIB’s strategy is to complete one to three global benchmarks, complemented by public and private issues to maintain a diversified portfolio of currencies and a global investor base.

Need better environment and more equality? Take the metro!

7 Mar 2017 Stockholm metro

“A convenient public transport service is a prerequisite for any city aspiring to high environmental standards and social equality”, says Stefan Wallin of Stockholm County Council's traffic administration.

Lidl building Nordic identity

28 Feb 2017 Lidl in Finland

Finland's grocery sector has grown price-conscious in recent years. Discounters, such as German Lidl, are well-placed to profit in the challenging climate.

Smart meters to stave off overload and fuse Nordic power retail

23 Jan 2017

New electricity data hubs are expected to cut peak demand and open up to innovations such as consumers storing or selling self-generated renewable energy.

European Spallation Source: Bridging the innovation gap

23 Jan 2017

"What we are doing here at ESS goes beyond simply building a new 'big science' facility; the project is crucial for Europe's competitiveness in a knowledge-based economy", says ESS Director John Womersley.

Vilnius launches western bypass

18 Jan 2017

The western bypass is a key component in developing the municipal road infrastructure in Vilnius, a city of more than half a million inhabitants.

Polish wind energy: from leap to stall?

16 Jan 2017

Although Poland showed a leap in adding new wind capacity in 2015, this sector is now facing investment pullback. "New regulations are effectively blocking wind energy investments", says renewable energy expert Agnieszka Karas.

Arctic Norway a market of opportunities

1 Dec 2016

“The need for financing is increasing, and northern Norway is a market of opportunities”, says Stig-Are Eriksen, Director of Region North at SG Finans at a loan signing ceremony with NIB.

Artic: tram to fit the city

29 Nov 2016

The Artic tram model is unique, tailor-made for Helsinki’s conditions. The design is based on free-turning bogies, a feature not typical of mainstream low-floor trams.

AstaZero: Self-driving cars coming soon

28 Nov 2016 AstaZero

“Active safety systems and autonomous cars are contributing to a sustainable transport system by reducing accidents and energy use", says Mr. Peter Janevik, CTO at AstaZero in Borås, Sweden.


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NIB finances Klaipedos Nafta’s LNG reloading station and oil terminal

A new loan to Klaipedos Nafta AB will finance building an LNG reloading station and extending an oil terminal in Lithuania to further boost the security of energy supply to the Baltic countries.

28 Apr 2017

NIB finances four university properties in Sweden

A loan to the Swedish property developer Akademiska Hus AB will co-fund the construction of four university facilities across Sweden.

3 Apr 2017

NIB finances Elekta’s radiotherapy research

A loan to the Swedish medical equipment solutions provider Elekta AB will finance R&D costs for the development of new cancer treatment solutions.

29 Mar 2017



Agreed loans

Elekta AB (Sweden) (27 Mar 2017)