NIB Nordic Investment Bank

About NIB

International financial institution of the Nordic and Baltic countries

NIB finances projects that improve competitiveness and the environment of the Nordic and Baltic countries. The Bank offers long-term loans and guarantees on competitive market terms to its clients in the private and public sectors. NIB is an international financial institution owned by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. The Bank has lending operations both in and outside its member countries. NIB acquires the funds for its lending by borrowing on the international capital markets. NIB's bonds enjoy the highest possible credit rating.

  • AR2014


NIB finances new terminal at Bergen airport in Norway

A new NIB loan to Norwegian Avinor AS will help expand Flesland aiport near Bergen to alleviate the pressure of the steadily increasing air traffic in one of Norway's fastest growing regions.

29 May 2015

NIB’s Governors approve dividend on 2014 annual results

At its annual meeting, the Bank’s Board of Governors approved the annual accounts for 2014 and the payment of EUR 55 million as dividends to the member countries.

29 May 2015

NIB funds Chr. Hansen’s biotechnology research

A seven-year loan agreement has been provided to Danish Chr. Hansen to finance the company's research and development activities in 2015–2016.

26 May 2015