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  • Josef Ackermann: Do not rely on past achievements

    In recent years, the Nordic countries and Germany have emerged as role models in the economic debate. Much has been achieved, but resting on one’s laurels may result in falling behind, says Josef Ackermann, former CEO of Deutsche Bank in an interview with the NIB Newsletter. (9 Feb 2015)
  • Tourism driving Icelandic recovery

    In recent years, tourism has brought more foreign currency into Iceland than even the seafood industry. “The increase in tourism has been a major driver out of the collapse”, says Jón Ásbergsson, CEO of Promote Iceland, in an interview with the NIB Newsletter. (22 Jan 2015)


  • Isavia CEO: Iceland airport expansion signals brighter future

    Iceland is investing in the capacity of its main international airport. Expanding the infrastructure signals growth in key economic sectors, says Bjorn Oli Hauksson, CEO of Isavia. (9 Feb 2015)
  • NIB targets EUR 3.5 billion funding in 2015

    In 2015, NIB expects to raise about EUR 3.5 billion. As in previous years, the timing of transactions and activities in different markets will play a crucial in for the success of the programme. (2 Feb 2015)
  • GN Store Nord: We make life sound better

    “Our R&D never stops. There is still a lot to do on the hearing aids”, says Michael Bjergby of GN, a Denmark-based global leader in hearing aids and accessories. With a EUR 75 million loan, NIB is co-financing the company’s R&D investment. (29 Jan 2015)
  • Johanneberg: Science of modelling a smart city

    Expanding Gothenburg's Johanneberg Science Park will not only offer space for new hi-tech start-ups, but bring industry closer to science and universities, says Sven-Erik Adolfsson, Managing Director of Chalmersfastigheter AB. (19 Jan 2015)

13 Feb 2015

Nokianvirran Energia Oy (Finland)

EUR 22 million

Energy and environment

13 Jan 2015

Valmet Corporation (Finland)

EUR 95 million

Industries and services

19 Dec 2014

Skellefteå Stadshus AB (Sweden)

EUR 48 million

Energy and environment

18 Dec 2014

Sparebank 1 SR-Bank ASA (Norway)

EUR 120 million

Financial institutions and SMEs

17 Dec 2014

GN Store Nord A/S (Denmark)

EUR 75 million

Industries and services

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