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  • Arctic Norway a market of opportunities

    “The need for financing is increasing, and northern Norway is a market of opportunities”, says Stig-Are Eriksen, Director of Region North at SG Finans at a loan signing ceremony with NIB. (1 Dec 2016)
  • Artic: tram to fit the city

    The Artic tram model is unique, tailor-made for Helsinki’s conditions. The design is based on free-turning bogies, a feature not typical of mainstream low-floor trams. (29 Nov 2016)
  • AstaZero AstaZero: Self-driving cars coming soon

    “Active safety systems and autonomous cars are contributing to a sustainable transport system by reducing accidents and energy use", says Mr. Peter Janevik, CTO at AstaZero in Borås, Sweden. (28 Nov 2016)
  • NIB funding: 2016 breaks records

    The year 2016 has proven to be a record-breaking one for NIB. The total amount of funding raised by NIB is reaching EUR 6.5 billion, which is the largest volume ever. (24 Nov 2016)

Interviews and opinions:

1 Dec 2016

Lahti Energia Oy (Finland)

EUR 75 million

Energy and environment

29 Nov 2016

European Spallation Source ERIC (Sweden)

EUR 100.2 million

Infrastructure, transportation and telecom

25 Nov 2016

City of Turku (Finland)

EUR 50 million

Infrastructure, transportation and telecom

23 Nov 2016

SG Finans AS (Norway)

EUR 150 million

Financial institutions and SMEs

21 Nov 2016

Helen Oy (Finland)

EUR 22 million

Energy and environment

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