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  • Growth opportunities in Arctic Scandinavia?

    The prime ministers of Sweden, Norway and Finland set up an expert group to identify what would stimulate economic growth in the northern area of the three countries. Read more in a column by Anne Husebekk, Rector of Norway's Arctic University. (3 Mar 2015)
  • Josef Ackermann: Do not rely on past achievements

    In recent years, the Nordic countries and Germany have emerged as role models in the economic debate. Much has been achieved, but resting on one’s laurels may result in falling behind, says Josef Ackermann, former CEO of Deutsche Bank in an interview with the NIB Newsletter. (9 Feb 2015)

23 Apr 2015

DLF-Trifolium A/S (Denmark)

EUR 15 million

Industries and services

16 Apr 2015

Vantaan Energia Oy (Finland)

EUR 64 million

Energy and environment

16 Apr 2015

SEB Leasing Oy (Finland)

EUR 86 million

Energy and environment

25 Mar 2015

NKT Holding A/S (Denmark)

EUR 65 million

Industries and services

13 Feb 2015

Nokianvirran Energia Oy (Finland)

EUR 22 million

Energy and environment

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