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  • European Spallation Source: Bridging the innovation gap

    "What we are doing here at ESS goes beyond simply building a new 'big science' facility; the project is crucial for Europe's competitiveness in a knowledge-based economy", says ESS Director John Womersley. (23 Jan 2017)
  • Smart meters to stave off overload and fuse Nordic power retail

    New electricity data hubs are expected to cut peak demand and open up to innovations such as consumers storing or selling self-generated renewable energy. (23 Jan 2017)
  • Vilnius launches western bypass

    The western bypass is a key component in developing the municipal road infrastructure in Vilnius, a city of more than half a million inhabitants. (18 Jan 2017)
  • Polish wind energy: from leap to stall?

    Although Poland showed a leap in adding new wind capacity in 2015, this sector is now facing investment pullback. "New regulations are effectively blocking wind energy investments", says renewable energy expert Agnieszka Karas. (16 Jan 2017)

16 Feb 2017

Wärtsilä Corporation (Finland)

EUR 40 million

Industries and services

30 Jan 2017

Njudung Energi Sävsjö AB (Sweden)

EUR 4 million

Energy and environment

23 Dec 2016

Sparbanken Skåne (Sweden)

EUR 51.8 million

Financial institutions and SMEs

22 Dec 2016

Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk Holding AS (Norway)

EUR 28 million

Energy and environment

21 Dec 2016

City of Luleå (Sweden)

EUR 52.1 million

Energy and environment

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