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Interviews and opinions:


  • "Linköping model": Garbage-to-economy

    Swedish Linköping has launched the most technologically advanced and one of the largest CHP plants in the country. The plant is fired on rubbish—household garbage, industrial waste and waste from abroad—so that nothing is left for the landfill. (31 May 2016)
  • Fortum Värme CHP plant in Värtan, Stockholm Three ancient oaks saved as Fortum Värme builds biofuel CHP

    The biofuel-fired combined heat and power plant in Värtan was inaugurated in early May 2016, and it is an important step in developing a sustainable energy supply for Stockholm, Sweden. (3 Jun 2016)
  • Helsinki Airport: Better customer experience under one roof

    One of the major hubs for flights between Europe with Asia, Helsinki is carrying out a EUR 900 million investment programme, designed “to ensure that Helsinki Airport maintains its strong competitive position”, says Ville Haapasaari, director of the airport. (11 May 2016)
  • CPH: Engineering a double-deck gateway to Northern Europe

    Every year, Copenhagen Airport is investing one billion Danish kroner in improvements and maintenance. This is what it takes to keep up in the competition for the crown of the gateway to Northern Europe. (26 Apr 2016)

15 Sep 2016

AB Transitio (Sweden)

EUR 73 million

Infrastructure, transportation and telecom

15 Sep 2016

Helgeland Sparebank (Norway)

EUR 26.9 million

Financial institutions and SMEs

9 Sep 2016

Agder Energi AS (Norway)

EUR 50 million

Energy and environment

7 Sep 2016

2 Sep 2016

BKK AS (Norway)

EUR 164 million

Energy and environment

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