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  • NIB facilitates truck sales to smaller businesses in Sweden

    The loan programme is expected to facilitate investments by smaller businesses in trucks, trailers, buses and vans from Volvofinans's associated dealers in Sweden. (3 May 2016)
  • Category A projects for public disclosure

    In accordance with its Sustainability Policy and Guidelines, NIB publishes information on two wastewater projects in Sweden and one power line project in Norway. The information is available for 30 days starting from 29 April 2016. (29 Apr 2016)
  • Novozymes R&D NIB funds Danish enzyme technology research

    NIB and the Danish biotech company Novozymes A/S have signed a loan agreement of EUR 70 million to finance R&D in bio-innovation technology during 2016–2018. (27 Apr 2016)


  • Buying green bonds a new way to finance environmental projects

    NIB is introducing a new financing product. Thomas Wrangdahl, Head of Lending, and Lars Eibeholm, Head of Treasury, explain what NIB is set to achieve and how it will be realised. (21 Apr 2016)
  • NEFCO: 25 years of supporting Nordic cleantech

    NEFCO is celebrating its 25th anniversary. A seminar arranged to commemorate the milestone occasion gathered experts in green growth and representatives from the Nordic cleantech community. (19 Apr 2016)
  • Arbejdernes Landsbank: Gearing up for a leap

    Arbejdernes, 'Danes' preferred bank' for the seventh year in a row, is eyeing more corporate customers. Before the bank turns hundred years old in 2019, their weight in lending should almost threefold. (18 Apr 2016)
  • E18 E18 in the Nordics: Moving at different speeds

    While for the purpose of traffic safety, the speed limit is being reduced on some stretches of E18 in Sweden, Finland is set to launch its fully upgraded part of the motorway in 2017. (13 Apr 2016)

Interviews and opinions:

29 Apr 2016

Volvofinans Bank AB (publ) (Sweden)

EUR 38 million

Financial institutions and SMEs

26 Apr 2016

Novozymes A/S (Denmark)

EUR 70 million

Industries and services

26 Apr 2016

Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge (Norway)

EUR 52 million

Financial institutions and SMEs

22 Apr 2016

Södra skogsägarna ekonomisk förening (Sweden)

EUR 109 million

Industries and services

4 Apr 2016

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